The United States (US) has recently put out a ban on the popular company Huawei known for their smartphones and it is creating waves everywhere. 

According to reports, the reason behind this ban is the US government’s suspicion that Huawei could be acting as a spy for the Chinese government and thus be a danger to the national security. 

The close relationship between the Chinese government and Huawei has led the American government to believe that the company could use their equipment to spy on other countries and their companies and get sensitive information. 

The US President Donald Trump released an executive order on May 15th 2019 that would effectively ban Huawei from operating in the US region and do business with US communications networks. 

The company was added to the the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security Entity List once the order was passed. 

What this license does is restrict US companies from dealing with the names mentioned in the list without a government license. 

Could China Be Spying Through Huawei?

Some countries have over time raised questions about the risks that could come from the Chinese company using 5G mobile network in their upcoming phones. 

It has also been touched upon that the Chinese government could use their products for surveillance. 

The company on the other hand has stated that there will be no security breach as it is independent from the government. 

There is not any hard evidence that Huwaei could could be spying, further given support by a 2012 extensive security review that spanned over 18 months by the US government agencies that revealed no proof that the brand was working with the Chinese governement to spy on US citizens. 

However, the review did suggest that Huawei had holes in its systems that could make it vulnerable to hacking. The main concern being raised is by their work on the 5G technology that has already caused countries like Japan, Australia and New Zealand to ban the company’s equipment. 

They claim that the software updates made for the 5G network could make security evaluations incredibly difficult. Which is not all that unusual since 5G is a big network that could potentially connect the entire world. 

As per reports, 5G could give power to the ones running it and access to practically everything people are doing online. 

Currently Huawei has been in news for creating the 5G network and succeeding quite well at that, but this has also raised security risks. 

Some believe that with this tech, the Chinese government could spy on people or perhaps even switch off the data flow if they do decide to. 

However, to give some reassurance, Huawei’s chairman has agreed to sign a “no-spy agreement” with the British government in order to clear up that their technology will not be used for any kind of surveillance. 

Liang Hua stated that “We are willing to sign a no-spy agreement with the UK government,” and further said, “No spying, no back doors.”

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What Is With The 5G?

There could be another reason for this ban and that is to create problem with Huawei working on their 5G technology which would allow the US to catch up on them and release their own. 

While America is still developing its 5G, China is already quite far ahead in comparison, that could be problematic for the former. 

According to reports, the 5G is possibly going to be the fastest network where you could download an entire movie in around 3 seconds as compared to the 4G that took about 6 minutes. 

5G if released by the US could be extremely profitable for the country’s economy. Early on when they had come out with the 4G, the country saw a boost of about $100 billion to the gross domestic product.

If they can do this with the 5G, then it would not only up the boost to $500 billion but also create 3 million new jobs.

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Sources: The Washington Post, New Atlas, The Guardian

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