How We Haven’t Failed As A Generation – Only Millennials Will Get This

We’ve been called millennials, the failed ones, the blip in the society, the Snapchat generation and what not?

But are we actually as bad as the society brands us to be or is this just another hoopla to cover the society’s own fallacies and loopholes? We find out :

Social media and its itty-bitty (and titty, thanks to Kim Kardashian) nature has got us hooked to our (not so) smartphones and even though we (allegedly) use them for mostly gaming and connecting purposes, we do use them for other stuff, too.

The so-called Snapchat generation.
The so-called Snapchat generation.

Information on the go is the sole crux of the internet, isn’t it? And that’s why we don’t need quintessential media like TV and its ultra biased news channels to stay updated and informative.

Secondly, we’ve been labeled as the generation who doesn’t go out to make friends. Well, we do talk to our friends on social media. That’s.. kinda the whole point of it.

This generation usually prefers a small circle to avoid drama, no matter if it’s a group of aspiring Regina Georges or Issac Newtons. We don’t want to be associated with a crowd.

The new lingo is for sure dumb after a certain extent but hey, if the 80s kids wanted to be like Michael Jackson and Kurt Kobain, there’s nothing wrong with us if we try to emulate any XYZ rapper and his slang.

The 80’s wasn’t a particularly blessed generation in terms of facilities but that’s not our fault, is it?

If there is an invention, it is made for usage. And that’s what we do.

Our fathers and forefathers can rant for years as to how life was tough for them and how they had to struggle just so they can (hope to) inculcate a sense of financial stability (?) in us but THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS.

YOU NEED to admit and behave accordingly that the times have changed and so has the provision of resources. It is not our fault that we have it “easy” (which we don’t).

From building a profile to being competitive in all sectors is not anymore a reputed and Herculean task but it has now become the universal repertoire of this generation. And then they tell us that we are good for nothing.


Innovation is criticized, quality is under appreciated, hard work is neglected and butt-kissing is preferred.

The norms of the 80’s have tried to make a Bloody Mary of a cocktail with the millennial generation and that has grotesquely backfired in giving birth to pseudo-rebels, who are (or at least they think they are) against the tide and are oppressed by some tyranny of their over concerned and condescending parents.

Had we taken the charge of our lives and had we taken independent decisions and were given proper freedom which our “hard working” elders got (referring to them leaving homes to make a name), we probably would’ve been even more successful than we are, right now.

This is a generation of smart, competitive, adaptable and semi-rebellious individuals who sometimes come across as rant machines on social media because deep down, we are fed up of the system trying to bog us down.


We refuse to let bygones be bygones and we have the balls to question the system and ask “WHY?” rather than being passive-aggresive, much to the dislike of our elders.

To the old people, I gotta say this :

Give us a chance to take charge of our lives and allow us to flourish. We may just surprise you.

Yours sincerely

A Millennial.

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