How To Make A Cold Slice Of Pizza Palatable Again?

By Rahul Dua

Over the years, living alone from home for going to my university has taught me tonnes of valuable lessons. However, in this post, I will not be talking about the best studying habits or tips for acing your finals. No, this post addresses something far more beneficial: A game changer of sorts – How to make pizza palatable again?

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I’ve always said that the best cure for a hangover is a cold slice of pizza but boy, I was wrong! I’ve held that opinion solely because microwaved pizza tastes horrible. Uneven heating reduces it to a pile of mush or occasionally, a soggy, rubbery shadow of what a mighty slice of pizza used to be.

According to a take-out menu posted on Reddit from Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn, NY, the best way to reheat pizza is to cook it on the stove, which is neatly demonstrated in the following infographic:

reheating pizza

This past weekend I gave it a shot and voila – the method works 150%. Granted it takes more time but it’s so worth the wait.

Say goodbye to the old plebian ways for nuking pizza in a microwave and embrace this new knowledge with open arms.

For a college student like myself who is, let’s just say, challenged when it comes to cooking, this truly is a lifesaver. I know where I am going next time I get a chance to head down to NY.

Image Credits: Google Images

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