On India’s 70th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his speech at the humongous Red Fort (built by Mughals) in front of thousands of people and few carefully positioned Doordarshan cameras.


The following bullets were what made his speech not resemble the previous ones:

1Gorakhpur Tragedy

He began his speech by addressing the issue of natural calamities and how farmers are suffering due to it. The issue of farmers was a nice segway for Modi to plug into the Gorakhpur tragedy. After days of being silent, he broke his silence on the matter and dedicated two lines to it. Okay just kidding, not two, one and a half.

Unlike what was predicted, he didn’t shed any tears while revoking his sentiments. A tight slap to those who expected drama from him.

2New India

This very phrase “New India” was recently invented by Modi, which makes it obvious that he hasn’t used it in any of his previous independence day speeches. Narendra Modi acted as a salesman and tried to sell his idea to the public. He clearly has been trying to for the last few months but all in vain.

Anyway, he said that we will achieve this idea of New India by 2022, that is, 5 years from now. Income will double, growth will double, healthcare will be better, etc. But how will we achieve this?

Modiji showed the goals, but not the solution.

3Mythological references

In his speech, Narendra Modi took help of Indian mythologies to base many of his arguments. From Lord Ram to Lord Krishna, his mythological reference game was on point.

“मेरे प्‍यारे देशवासियो, जब कुरूक्षेत्र के युद्ध में, मैदान में अर्जुन ने श्रीकृष्‍ण से ढेर सारे सवाल पूछे, तब कृष्‍ण ने अर्जुन से कहा था, जैसा मन का भाव होता है वैसा ही कार्य परिणाम होता है।”

Looking at the present situation, turmoil, uprising, or whatever you may call it, in the country, this was a logical rationale in order to give a positive and healthy shape to his speech.


Demonetization was a success” – said no one ever.

One of the biggest challenges this government faces is to come out clear on demonetization, its process, and results. While the RBI is clueless about the amount of cash collected, Modiji declared in his speech that 2 lakh crore rupees were recovered post demonetization, and registration of as many as 1.75 lakh companies was canceled.

If this is true, it is big.


Modi, many times, focussed on the success of GST.

Even though the Goods and Service Tax was implemented exactly a month and a half ago, and even though the Finance Minister said that initially GST will cause problems but will be beneficial in the long run, Modi overlooked all this and sung heroic melodies for GST. Because there’s no limit to rhetoric, right?

However, I will have to appreciate the fact that he thanked all the political parties for passing the Act in the Parliament.



Na goli se, na gaali se, Kashmir ki samasya suljhegi gale lagaane se,”

Narendra Modi’s peaceful and diplomatic stand on Kashmir issue is significant. He didn’t make it emotional or acted motor mouthed like several of his ministers do. He couldn’t afford it, especially on the day India gained independence via non-violent measures.

He also mentioned that the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and POK have thanked him for his measures.

7Pension of freedom fighters increased

Brothers and Sisters, today when we are celebrating 70 years of Independence, we remember the contribution of our freedom fighters. Today, for the respected family members of these freedom fighters, the Government has decided to increase the pension by 20%. So the freedom fighter who used to get Rs. 25,000 earlier will get Rs. 30,000 now. This is a small offering from my side to the sacrifices made by these freedom fighters.

I don’t think this needs any comment. Good decision, Modi.

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8Triple Talaq

While talking about women empowerment, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, he didn’t fail to raise the issue of Triple Talaq. Almost a year has passed since BJP raised the issue of Triple Talaq. He said he acknowledged the problems suffered by women by Triple Talaq and issues faced by them.

As to why such an issue has to be raised in the Independence Day speech, I don’t know. It wasn’t suited for this platform.


The rest of the speech was nothing new and was filled with rhetoric, like always.

Also, Happy Independence Day. Don’t hurt anyone today.

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