If you ever felt that you are not having a complete life and are in a hurry to just migrate to someplace else, well, Swami Nithyananda’s country has just opened its doors for you.

Yes, you heard that right. According to latest reports, the self-proclaimed, fugitive godman now owns an island that might soon get added to the list of countries in the world.

Who Is Nithyananda?

Born in Tamil Nadu, a man called Rajashekharan went ahead to become the now infamous Swami Nithyananda after he established an ashram in Bangalore in the year 2000. He garnered a huge following shortly thereafter.

It wasn’t long before his name got associated with multiple accusations, from his scandalous affair with a South Indian actress to even allegations of rape. He was also reportedly arrested for the latter by the Karnataka Police.

Nithyananda's country
Swami Nithyananda

After he was let out on bail, a new complaint was registered against him by a couple who believed that their daughters were wrongfully abducted and detained by the ‘holy’ man. However, authorities couldn’t do much about it as Nithyananda had already escaped the country by then.

Nithyananda’s Country

In the midst of all this, a new website popped up online claiming that the godman has now created a ‘Hindu-sovereign,’ complete with a flag, constitution and even a passport to its credit! The country is apparently named ‘Kailaasa.’

Nithyananda's country

The so-called country is said to be located somewhere near Ecuador, even though no one knows for sure. The website on the other hand brilliantly claims that it is a ‘borderless’ nation “created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries.”

If that weren’t enough, the country is said to have a cabinet of ministers who’ll look into matters related to education, commerce and the country’s treasury. Also, this nation is aiming for a ‘Dharmic Economy’ with a fully functioning ‘Hindu Investment and Reserve Bank,’ where you’ll be pleased to know that cryptocurrency will be accepted.

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Kailaasa For His Disciples

If you’re looking for a Kailaasa citizenship, look no further for you only have to give donations to the ‘greatest Hindu nation,’ and you’ll be provided with a passport that lets you travel hassle-free across all the ‘eleven dimensions and fourteen lokas.’

Nithyanada's country
The ‘passport’ of Kailaasa

Nithyananda’s country is also supposed to have a ‘Department of Enlightened Civilisation’ set to work towards reviving Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Apparently, this is to provide a safe haven for all practicing, aspiring or persecuted Hindus to practice their spirituality without any form of discrimination.

Nithyananda's country
The flag of the ‘country,’ featuring Nithyananda & Nandi, Lord Shiva’s vehicle

The Website

The website, Kailaasa.org was supposedly created on October 21, 2018, and was last updated on October 10, 2019. It has been registered in Panama with an IP address located in Dallas, US.

The ‘Monk’ Who Is Missing

If you still want to believe that all this is nothing but a joke, I am sorry to say but, this is as real as the ground we’re standing on. Nithyananda and his team have already begun procedures to get his sovereign state recognized as a legitimate country.

The funding for this country has come from all the donations that his so-called worshipers have made to his ashram and this includes 6 tonnes of gold as well!

But the most interesting part is that after he absconded, he had tried to renew his passport which had expired in 2018, but to no avail. And what did the ‘great’ man then do? Create a country with his own passport!

Perhaps if someone does get a citizenship to Kailaasa, they may be able to bring him back for that passport renewal (among other things to sort out)!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Times Of India, NDTV, Manorama Online

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