Coronavirus has brought countries to their knees. Amidst its sudden outbreak and high death toll, Singapore seems to be the only nation to contain this outbreak.

How Singapore dealt with the coronavirus outbreak is an epitome for every other country. 

In the current scenario, Singapore has 683 confirmed cases with just two deaths.

Looking at the inside story of Singapore, it was the first country to get affected outside China. Its first case was registered on 23rd January and in two months Singapore seems to have overpowered this pandemic. 

1. Preparedness

In the race of dealing with this pandemic, Singapore had a head-start, and it comes from effectively tackling SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak in the year 2002-2003. They were well aware of the fact that to fight a nightmare like the 2003 epidemic, it takes years of preparation. They had isolation hospitals and enough negative pressure rooms to be occupied by patients who would get caught in this outbreak.

2. Immediate Closing Of Virus Entry 

To deal with the entry of virus in the nation, all routes through air, water, and land were monitored and anyone having fever was denied entry in the country. Even people inside the country were checked for their travel history to China and people who faked their travel history were strictly dealt with.

3. Masks For Free

They hired an army to pack and deliver masks to every single household for free. They even made it illegal for any supermarkets to increase the price of other kinds of masks. 

4. Keeping Positive Tested People In Hospital

If anyone was suspected of carrying this virus they were sent to the hospital in a matter of hours and anyone they may have come in contact with got checked. If people carrying this virus are reported to the hospital immediately and get the treatment their recovery chances are 98%. 

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5. Effective Communication

Effective communication is vital in controlling panic in a pandemic type situation and Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong excellently knows how to do that. When people started panicking and supermarket stores started emptying, the leadership addressed the nation and stated the seriousness of the situation and what the country needs to do.

6. Strict Quarantine

The government is taking away residence status from people who breached their quarantine.

Home quarantine is strict, the government sends SMS a couple of times a day and one has to click on the link in the SMS which will tell if he/she is at home. They even have people who knock from door to door for maintaining quarantine for people who have not shown symptoms.

According to WHO, Singapore had 172 recovered cases as of 26th March. And with a great example as Singapore, we can know that this virus can be contained and even cured!.

The world needs to learn from Singapore to not let panic be the bigger enemy and how we all need to come together and cooperate with the government to deal with this unprecedented crisis.

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