How Did Chetan Bhagat After JK Rowling And Paulo Coehlo Get 8 Million Twitter Followers?

Chetan Bhagat just got 8 million followers on Twitter. *pause* 8 million means 80 lacs means 80,00,000 means, I mean why?


He wrote, “8 million! Thank you for making me India’s most followed author, & the 3rd most followed author worldwide (after @paulocoelho & @jk_rowling)” and also uploaded the above image.

Yes, take some time to absorb that. You may die if you want.

There is no denying that he is a best selling author but so is Durjoy Datta and Ravinder Singh. If you don’t know the latter two then don’t even try to google them. Let it be that way.  

Majority of his fans are those who have just started reading and must have thought it would be best to start with a cliché love story narrated in a Karan Johar’s movie parlance. You may find his fans asking on Quora about who is a better author: Chetan or R K Narayan?

Also on being asked about their hobbies his fans would proudly proclaim “Reading!” With having the same collection of books on all their shelves- Half Girlfriend, The Alchemist, Can Love happen Twice, Twilight and Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Presenting you some of his brilliant tweets.

On historians:


He thinks he’s hot as hell.


And when the whole country was disappointed about the JNU incident he said that it’s not to be taken seriously.


The above examples are only a few precious tweets that he has graced us with. Sure they might be very funny but the only problem is that no one is laughing.

People say that he connects to the readers with his simple English. Of course, why not? When a majority of our population speaks Hindi and/or are weak in English decides to relish and “adsorb” some good literature aroma; while completely ignoring the sublime Hindi novels of Premchand, then sure… why not?

Chetan is an IIT-ian, IIM-ian, banker-turned-author, motivational speaker and was also a judge on a dance reality show. But all this does no good to his books.

His books are famous because they are being read by a gentry who do not read other fictions. The books which are obscure but are actually well written are only known to people who read, like a lot.

And if you want to improve your English skills through novels then you might be better off starting with that of Ruskin Bond’s. He still writes for children, his novels will expand your imagination through stories of wildlife and adolescence in a decent, didactic way. He, too, writes in simple English.

Maybe, the increase in his followers implies that people are eager to catch any of his funny tweets just to troll him in response. There have been many times that he was trolled by the Twitterzens. On the recent release of his book One Indian Girl, he tweeted:


People began posting the photos of his book with amazing backdrops such as:




The response that he gave was:


That was… something. When KRK  himself had approved then who can really say anything.

Leaving you with an excerpt from his latest novel, One Indian girl. Judge it yourself.


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