How An Artist Sees These Objects Differently From Any Other Common Person

1. Fruits and vegetables


Mere Mortals/Common People: 


Creative Freaks:

It is more than JUST food. It is more like a model, which will never get tired of posing for us in the same pose for its entire lifetime. We dissect it, peel off the skin, bite it (sometimes) just to get a better form to draw. Unlike regular people we don’t go looking for the freshest, shiniest fruits and vegetables, we select the patchiest of them all just to show off our shading skills.

2. Hairspray


Mere Mortals/Common People: 

A girl’s best friend and lifesaver during the bad hair days.

Creative Freaks:

True, hairspray can be a girl’s lifesaver when it comes to bad hair days but what most people are not aware of is how it can also save the life of pencil sketches. When you apply hairspray, you basically apply a thin layer of adhesive on the sketch, which prevents smudging and hence elongates the life of your sketch.

3. Lines and dots

Mere Mortals/Common People: 

Isn’t this the Rashtrapati Bhavan?

Creative Freaks :

Nope, we don’t have x-ray vision. We see lines and dots. They are the basic building units of every shape and form. Not like we don’t see the Rashtrapati Bhavan, it’s just that we tend to notice these fundamental details of the forms more than the form itself.

4. Logos


Mere Mortals/Common People: 

Starbucks means coffee and Amazon means online shopping. Isn’t that what it is supposed to mean anyway?

Creative Freaks

What does an Amazon logo mean to you? Online shopping site probably. It in fact represents the message that it sells everything from A to Z (the arrow connects the two letters) and also represents the smile that customers would experience by shopping on the Web site (the arrow becomes a smile). It goes for every other logo. We tend to look at the actual meaning hidden behind the designs of every logo.

5. Knives


Mere Mortals/Common People: 

Put this thing down immediately, you can get hurt!

Creative Freaks:

While these dangerous tools are advised to be kept out of reach of children, artists have to deal with them for some of the most important works which includes sharpening their pencils to cutting a piece of paper to carving thermocol.

6. Containers

 Mere Mortals/Common People: 

These cups are expensive and I would only use them when someone special comes home.

Creative Freaks:

The fancy cups arranged neatly by your mother for guests might not be something you would want to mess with. But they turn out to amazing water containers while painting. They work well as penholders too!

7. Empty bottles, used paper and other ‘trash’

Mere Mortals/Common People: 

We must get rid of this useless stuff immediately!

Creative Freaks:

This so called trash is a gold mine. This is basically recycling; almost everything can be used again. A win-win situation for the art students as well as the planet. We save some bucks and also contribute to a greener and cleaner Earth.

So dear common people, you think you can match up with us now? ;)

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