The 90’s kids are arguably the most happy people you’ll find in our country.

They’re more content and innovative than your “average Joe” millennials and much less frustrated than the oldies from the 70’s and 80’s.

The inherent ideological gap has existed between these 3 generations and the 90’s generation has been triumphant in all aspects, be it personal, social or professional.

Wanna know why this happened? Let’s look at a few prime reasons:

#1. The 90’s kids grew up mostly without smartphones and tech gizmo :

Sure, we are now blessed with facilities like smartphones and internet on the go but back in the day, we didn’t have all this in the palm of our hand.

Just a normal MTNL phone with a dead-ass receiver was the way to communicate and it wasn’t until early 2000’s that cell phones became a normal thing.

90's Kids Phones

This helped us focus more on important things in life like our academics, co-curricular activities, sports, bonding with parents and family, being proactive in our work, etc.

We grew with the world and embraced technology as it boomed onto the scene. We were mature enough to know its pros and cons and smart enough to know how to make the best use of it.

But compared to your modern day millennials, we weren’t tech slaves and compared to oldies, we weren’t clueless as shit. Haha.

#2. The 90’s kids were way more pro-active and sporty:

That’s an extension of the 1st point.

The lack of technology allowed us to go out, revel in the sun and play with our actual friends.

Yes. Play. Sports. Like cricket. Football. Badminton.

Not only did that help us stay active, it made us less vulnerable to diseases and problems like obesity due to spending much less time in front of TV and “playing” on our gaming consoles.

#3. We learned to build friendships outside social media websites:

The culture of going out in the sun and just being ourselves made us more socially aware which is why most 90’s kids have better friendships and bonds compared to other generations.

We are way more friendly than the modern millennials no matter how competitive they are and how professionally laid-back they are. Compared to oldies, we had the resources provided to us just at the right time that we knew how to maintain our friendships via social media’s productive use.

Unlike modern day jocks, our “social quotient” was pretty much non-existent and we were happy with it.

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#4. We learnt to value our family:

Not only friends, the idea of lack of technology and lack of amenities at our disposal at the click of a button allowed us to bond more with our families.

Take my word for it, most 90’s kids have a better bond with their parents compared to the oldies or modern millennials and that’s attributed to a better understanding between the two generations due to a simpler lifestyle.

#5. We had better cartoons and anime during our time:

Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto, Transformers, Thundercats, Captain Planet, Swat Kats, Max Steel and A WHOLE LOT MORE!


90's Kids

It’s not only about the entertainment value provided by these shows but the lessons they taught us.

Dragon Ball Z has probably taught me more lessons about moral science than any other book could. And that’s saying something!

So all in all, we may be the generation who is not born with a silver iPhone in our hands or the one where we had literally no resources to make life technologically easier, being the generation who has grown with the world has given us a whole lot more than we could’ve asked for.

And we’re damn proud about it!

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