Of lately, there has been a constant cacophony of a concept which might or might not exist: Love Jihad.

Image source: The Quint

For the ones who are not well known with the subject, here’s some background:

Love Jihad is an activity where Muslim men use love to lure Hindu women into converting to Islam and then maybe marrying them. It is also alleged that these Muslim men are rewarded with a cash prize. Wikipedia tells me that there is no official evidence supporting these claims.

Anyhow, the activity presupposes that young women do not have enough mental rationale or independent decision-making power to choose a partner of her own will. The recent Hadiya controversy made me think about it. More so, I read this Quora Answer by Tejasvita Apte, and it made me think more.

I do not, or could not, confirm the existence of any Love Jihad based on tales. But.

Yes. A but.

But if there’s an activity or concept of this sort really existing and in motion, then I have few solutions on curbing this.

Let me share:

Educate Women

An uneducated woman has more chances of getting fooled by a person or an animal or even a freaking baba. There’s a wide gap between the literacy rate of women to men. Fill that gap.

Not just school education, but higher studies too. True understanding develops in a college only. Merely schooling wouldn’t make her smart, or educated enough.

Grant Independence

You either fight for Independence or you don’t get it at all. Especially women.

Women, or girls, in India aren’t granted enough independence. There are restrictions on each and every activity and the word permission is practiced often. Sure, the environment isn’t healthy or safe for a woman to be free. However, their activities could be regulated but not restricted.

Be a teaching, understanding parent and not a drunken sub-inspector on an encounter mission. Her experience and exposure to the outside world will teach her more than the Holy Book.

Create an environment for healthy communication

Encourage your children to share their thoughts, life, love life. Don’t go all hulababula if you find out she has a boyfriend. Listen to children.

Support her decisions. If you don’t support your daughter in her decision and she goes against you, then in future, if she ends up in a bad marriage, she would hesitate to get a divorce. She will then suffer. Because of you, you pathetic non-human-being of a person.

Don’t mix Vagina with Morality

Stop treating pre-marital intercourse as something holy, sacred or divine. There’s much more to life. Being ashamed of your daughter because she has an active sexual life is completely impractical and foolish.

The moral feathers attached to the vagina or “the flower”, is what makes a woman vulnerable, both emotionally and psychologically, not to forget, physically. Your constrained notions of morality is making her understanding narrower every day.

Don’t treat women like property

If you treat her like a thing or an object who should belong to the person you think she should belong to, then you are part of the problem.

Deciding who she should marry isn’t your job, neither is telling her to quit studies because she is now of a marriageable age.

To conclude: Let her breathe. An independent woman makes more sensible decisions than a dependent not-exposed-to-the-outside-world woman.

I don’t think anyone can be tricked by Love Jihad or any similar activity if he/she is sensible, educated and independent.


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  1. Implement Uniform Civil Code, Ban AIMPLB like Organization from influencing or making religious laws and then all women will be free to love, marry other communities’ men, if one community becomes too liberal and other community becomes too radical there will not be any equilibrium


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