Here’s How Gordon Ramsay Would React To The Bullshit Of Indian Politicians

Gordon Ramsay is the English lord of the cuss words. So how would he react and cuss his way to these absurd statements made by Indian politicians?

Gordon Ramsay has developed a reputation as the ultimate lord of badass-ery and cuss words and sometimes, that can be put to good use. Great use. HILARIOUS USE.

And especially, given the love that Gordon Ramsay has for India, we decided to put our own little twist to it and came up with a poster series.

This poster series gives you a series of ridiculous (yet presumably realistic) responses which Gordon Ramsay might give to some of the most absurd statements made by our beloved Indian politicians in the recent past.

So without further ado, LET’S GET THIS STARTED YA F**KING DIMWITS:

#1. When our politicians gave Gordon Ramsay some parenting logic about India:

Gordon Ramsay 1

#2. Talking about some important factors leading to rape:

Gordon Ramsay 2

#3. And talking about rape as a crime. *Facepalm*:

#4. Giving Gordon Ramsay food tips. What did you expect? Exactly this:

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#5. You just don’t talk to a family man like that. You just don’t. Here’s why:

#6. When a certain politician whose nickname rhymes with “Chappu” made some comments about the Prime Minister:

#7. Gordon Ramsay won’t take your racism. Not one bit of it:

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

Here’s hoping you had fun reading this poster series just as much as we enjoyed making it.

And if you didn’t enjoy it, it probably means that you have the sense of humor of a dry pork steak. SO RAW THAT IT IS STILL SCREAMING “HAKUNA MATATA”!

Design Credits: Rishabh Patel

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