Here Is Why Vine Is Shutting Down

Vine is retiring. The mobile app that gave rise to video loops, short-lived memories and a tonne load of creativity is all set to take a back seat after its three-year ‘long’ journey. Nevertheless, it will still continue to exist through its website.


The Start of Vine

Founded in June 2012, acquired in October 2012 and finally launched in January 2013. It proved to be a lot more than what its creator Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll would have ever imagined it to be.

Vine was launched with the intention of being a daily video-sharing app, but in contrast to what was presumed, it opened doors to wild creativity and experimentation with its 6-second constraint being a major drive for Viners.

Vine became an overnight success with companies asking Vine stars or even creating their own vines in order for product placement and promotion. It was not long before vines started crossing over a billion views.

The Hitch

All was good for Vine, until the striking rise of Snapchat and Instagram. The 10-second video sharing on Snapchat and the initial 15-second videos on Instagram soon stole Vine’s thunder. Vine’s stardom hit an all-time low, as a lot of vine stars started leaving the platform.

It wasn’t just the large-scale reduction in audience number, but Vine also suffered a lot at the executive level. There were constant resignation and change in the management, and it was not long before Twitter’s hope in Vine also started to dwindle.

The Death

27 October 2016. The announcement had been made.

Vine decided to shut down its mobile application; however, it continues to function through its website. It is not going to come into effect immediately, as the company is trying to close down ‘the right way’. As of now, the vines do not go anywhere and can be viewed on their website.

Vine is like that one kid in school that would shout ‘You Stole My Idea’ but would fail to improve or do anything else about it. It has served as a classic example of how execution is valued more than the idea in this world. It had a brilliant concept but failed to add more to it, it failed to grow. People have an undying craving of constantly being exposed to something new, something different, and if you fail to serve this craving, it can definitely lead to your death – just like Vine.

It was good to have you around, Vine. You served well.


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