Here Is Why Men Are Painting Their Nails Across The World

The most trending thing today on the internet includes men painting their one nail in a bright, vivid colour.

This has nothing to do with fashion instead has a much deeper meaning associated to it.

nail paint

One out of every five children in the world suffers from sexual abuse. The recent statistics reveal this figure going up.

Majority cases are never reported or reported very late. In various third world countries, there is no or very loophole-ish law against offenders.

The idea is catching up on the internet and various celebrities have endorsed the campaign too.


The campaign is the brain child of Elliot Costello who used to work for a non-profit organization that extensively laboured in South-East Asia where child atrocities are rampant and even UNICEF has marked the area as one of the most unsafe areas of the world.

nail paint

While working in Cambodia, Costello visited the poorest regions of the country where people lived in conditions worse than anywhere else. Here children were sold off to buy food by their parents.

Costello met Thea, a young girl who was sexually assaulted by a paedophile for two years. “Thea was psychologically damaged” said Costello in one of his interviews. Thea told him about her abuse while she was painting her nails.

Thea was just one of countless such children who have suffered abuse and have to live with the trauma all their life.

Being from a background where they cannot afford food, expecting counselling is a far -fetched dream.

Such children grow up to be broken individuals and suffer from psychological dysfunctionalities all their life.

They fail to make relationships out of affection and some develop loathing tendencies towards any physical contact.


The campaign was first launched in Australia where men were challenged to paint one of their nails so symbolize abuse rendered to children by men.

nail paint

For two years the trend continued until Chris Hemsworth an Australian actor (Thor, you know!) took up the challenge.

Pretty soon, celebrities in the USA did the same. AFL star Judd and Loggi, Gyton Grantley have been a part of the campaign.

Grantlet himself suffered from abuse during his childhood days.

USA too has a large number of sexual abusers. One in twenty- nine kids is a victim of sexual abuse.

Such campaigns have a tendency to grow into a rage pretty soon, the ice bucket challenge is a good example.

It is important that people understand the reason behind such trends so that this becomes more than just a social trend.

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