Modernisation has hit us hard.

Technology is ruling lives.

Modern life ain’t the same anymore. Gone are the days of heart to heart conversation in people’s physical presence. Gone are the days of playing fun games out.

Modern life is all about tagging friends in lit memes and spending Friday nights drinking away. As much cliché it sounds, it’s true.

Random scrolling through Quora, I came across a thread wherein the answers just added to this thought process of mine.

Here are the most overrated aspects of modern life, millennials please take note:

High IQ Is Overrated In Modern Life

Many people are pretty concerned with their IQ today, unhealthily.

They either too worry that they’re stupid, or claim too much pride in having high IQ. The IQ questions and answers on Quora reflect this phenomenon.

The thing is, we don’t need to be the world’s smartest genius to achieve big things. Having an average IQ is already sufficient.

In fact, common sense, grit and the ability to reflect are the more important qualities that we tend to lack today.

We can of course strive to improve our IQ, as long as we don’t treat it as the the end-all and be-all of our life.

A high IQ is good-to-have, but it’s not an absolute necessity.

In this sense, high IQ is overrated.

Corporate Birthday Parties In India

modern life 1

  1. Batch of 30. Someone has a birthday.
  2. He/she has 5 close friends. The rest of them seriously don’t give a damn.
  3. Collect money from everyone and buy him a birthday present. Remember the remaining 25? They probably would be thinking “There goes my money for no reason. Could’ve got a beer for it.”
  4. Cake cutting inside the office. Those 5 close friends are happy. The remaining 25 are present there because they paid for the present. That boring look on their face.
  5. Ask that poor birthday guy who earns 20k per month to throw a party for the whole batch. He hates it, but still accepts because he doesn’t want to be labelled “not cool dude!”
  6. 12k down the gutter. Now he’s broke for the rest of the month.

Poor soul. His only dreadful day now in the year — his birthday, because parties don’t come for free.

Travel The World

It seems to be a mantra among 25–35 olds from upper middle-class or wealthy families. Everyone wants to pack, get ready and travel a dozen of different countries in two weeks just to post their pics on Instagram and Facebook, and it will change their world views forever.

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Not so much. I’ve been to a dozen of countries myself, yeah it was a pretty cool experience most times, but it was tiring and sometimes frustrating too depending on the country I choose. I don’t know why people make a fuss of it. Most times you barely have enough time to know the country except visiting overrated tourist destinations.

But in our modern world it’s all about signaling. And traveling is part of it.

Sexual Activeness In A Relationship

Speaking from the perspective of a 21 year old, the modern world in the so called advanced stages of progressive thinking, emphasizes too much on the sex factor of a relationship.

The first thing a person strikes a person as miraculously awesome in another is the amount of sexual activity he/she gets in a relationship. The bonding and compatibility takes the backhand.

Speaking from a very personal experience, the much overrated sex is the cause of decline of scores of commitments which had never seen the light of true responsibilities and the deepest happiness a partner can give.

This is due to prevalence of the sexual taboo in the society and the modernists’ perception of progressiveness which deludes the newer generation to put forth sex as a priority much before it actually should be, whilst making a scene if one of them proclaims not to be ready for it.

I agree that physical compatibility is a much needed and absolute prerequisite for a couple, and experimenting till a suitable satisfaction be found is not a faulty argument, but it’s like selecting a furniture just because it looks good without getting a feel of your comfortability.

That’s it for today in this segment. Keep watching this space for other such fun stuff and while you’re at it keep away from these clichés!

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