Hello! This is your brain talking

The body is at rest. Why is it at rest? Its dark all around. The hearing organs of the body cannot sense any sound vibrations. Tired body. It has been working all day and needs to be in motion in a couple of hours again. Hmmm… perfect! This is the right time to awaken it and start thinking about nonsense thoughts!

Get up! Get up! Get up! Oh hi, you are up from your deep sleep. So, how was your day? Tired? Nice. Decide not to sleep tonight. We need to talk about certain emotional topics. Last night we discussed about you have been a failure all your life and will continue being a burden for the world around you. What could we think about today? Good question. Here’s a list about all we could think of and not take rest at all:

  1. All the stupidities you have done since the time you were a mere sperm:

brain 1
We could think about all the details of every stupidity you have committed. We could list out every detail, every embarrassment you suffered because of the acts. It would be fun!

  1. The demands of the future:

brain 2
The idea of the unknown world you have to enter within a few years is a good topic too! We could see all the negative aspects of leaving a protective environment and entering the rude, cruel outside world. It would be emotionally devastating, code for a fun night buddy!

  1. The fact that you are a big disappointment to the family, and the world:

brain 3
This could be a good topic you know! I would tell you how you have been letting down your family since the time you got low grades in 10th standard to the time you got disappointing marks in the internals for 4th semester. In the meanwhile, you could cry!

  1. How you will never achieve your goals in life:

brain 4
It would be really entertaining to think about the targets you have in life and how you will never be able to successfully achieve them. I would think about your lack of potential and you could go out and jump out of the window. Safe flight!

  1. How you will never be able to look good:

brain 8
Let’s talk about the hollow topic of looks. Let’s talk about the way you look in the mirror, the flab you can see in your picture, it’s a cool topic! It would make you feel like a total loser and unwanted by the perfectly figured world around you.

  1. The crush who stepped on your heart:

brain 6
We could involve the heart here. We could think about the love story that never happened. The heart break you felt when you saw your crush with somebody else. The pain you went through when you were rejected. The sadness with the revival of the pain full memory would be so much fun!

  1. Why are you even alive:

brain 7
Or, we could just summarize you entire life, we could go on thinking about why the hell are you even alive right now. We could think about how you are the inessential part of the world and how the planet would still revolve around its axis even if you were not present. You are pitiful, dear. You are not needed.

I could come up with a lot of other topics! No wait! Don’t get up from the bed! I won’t be able to torment you! Wait! Don’t go! Let’s have a beautiful night together!


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