Heavy Fine & Jail For Drinking In Public In Delhi: Will It Work?

Drinking in public is a pretty common sight in Delhi. I’ll admit, even I’ve engaged in emptying a few pints of beer in my car now and then. But, come November 7, drinking in public will be accompanied by a newfound fear.

The Kejriwal government has tightened up the rules. Anybody who’s found drinking in public places will now face fines as well as a jail term.

Drinking and driving

The fine is Rs 5,000. But, further nuisance caused by the offender could result in the doubling of fine as well as a cozy term in jail.

On Wednesday, deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia said, “If someone is found consuming alcohol in public places and near liquor shops, we will get them arrested under the excise act from November 7.”

“We will see if liquor shops have followed last year’s order to install CCTVs on their premises. Checks will be conducted to see if these CCTVs are functioning properly,” he added.

Before the ultimate implementation, the government will organize a campaign to convince people to not drink in open areas and to make them aware of the newly established rules.

Looks like the Kejriwal-led government is leaving no stones unturned in their quest to eliminate public alcohol consumption. Kind of ironic, considering the fact that the faulty CCTV cameras fail to catch thievery and other ‘less severe’ crimes. As soon as drinking is involved, the cameras suddenly need to be repaired.

Not that it’s a bad step. Public nuisance ought to be thwarted. But let’s face it, there are bigger crimes which need to be addressed. Let’s hope this is just a start.

These measures will, at least, curb the nuisances created by those under the influence of alcohol. Multiple cases are regularly recorded where a brawl was the result of people being drunk.

Drinking and driving is another major crime which committed often by the people of Delhi. Not every offender can be caught by the traffic police. These new rules will eliminate the cases where people drink in their car and subsequently resume driving.

But, the decision is sure to upset more than a few of the quintessential Delhites who love to carry out drinking sessions in their cars. Mainly consisting of those looking for a drink after a hard day’s work or youngsters for whom bars are simply out of their budget.

Not to mention how the big fat Indian weddings would suffer. People love to turn their cars into personalized bars during the wedding season.

All that aside, if you wish to avoid the fine and a jail term, you better keep the caps on your bottles in public areas.

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