Millennials are one of the most dynamic generatiosn currently, who are breaking old stereotypes, creating new paths and setting up a new society their way. 

But it seems that they might not be the most health conscious, or even if they are the environment around does not allow them to be as healthy as the previous generation. 

According to various studies, health issues among millennials seems to be on an ever increasing rise. 

This came to my notice when recently I started to hear more and more cases of people my age and some even younger, falling ill very frequently. 

Either it was a simple headache, fever, or even general health issues, it dawned on me how my older relatives or even parents rarely ever crib about such stuff in contrast to the current gen. 

Are Millennials Unhealthy?

As per a study by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association posted in April, it was found that while millennials were in good health at large, by the age of 27 it would start to decline. 

The study titled, “The Health of Millennials,” reviewed a group of 55 million Americans who were between the age bracket of 21 to 36. 

Not just America, but even in India, about 95% Indian millennials from 18 to 34 years of age were found suffering from stress. 

The survey conducted by Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company revealed these numbers with work being called as one of the biggest reasons.

This according to them resulted in various health issues like over-eating or under-eating, headaches, lethargy, heart issues and even grey hair. 

Grey hair is something I’ve been seeing in more and more youngsters these days. Just a few weeks ago my mother was telling me how a 14 year old girl had come into the parlour, while she was there, to get her hair coloured since it had a lot of grey. 

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Proud Of Getting Old?

In the midst of all this, I am seeing a growing mindset among millennials where they are almost proud of growing old and all the stuff that comes with it. 

Grey hair, health issues, complaining about joints creaking, not having energy, kids being too loud around them and such are things I notice people from the millennial generation talk about with almost some kind of pride. 

It’s as if they cannot wait to get old and behave like cranky senior citizens along with those stereotypes. 

They also seem to want the whole laid back and retirement life in their 25-30s itself, where they can just kick back and rest their days away. 

A slow life, with not very high ambition and responsibilities or duties is something I’m seeing millennials aspire for. 

They also like to give gyaan, and recite shayari, talking as if someone of 70 years of age, who has had a lot of life experiences and wisdom to impart when they probably haven’t even passed out of college or gone into the real world.

Have you come across any 20 YO kid acting like a 60 year old gyaan baba lately? Tell us in comments below. 

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Sources: Time, Entrepreneur, Healthline

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