Tired of your boring “nine to five job” and thinking of a new way to earn, the only thing “Radhe Maa” has to say is don’t try to be a spiritual leader because that is one tough job. Becoming the world’s healer is no easy game, to reach that position you have to follow a certain way.



First you have to start up with a very touching back story like” Sukhvinder Kaur (I) was married when I was just a 17 old child and then in five years I had 6 deliveries (like India’s population need more kids jumping around in villages and such Time-management skills* applause*)



Then there should be a story about your life when you gave up on everything and attained enlightenment.Like after her husband left for Dohra for a new job she got tired of the whole family drama and took the path to God and became a sanyasi (what happened to the six sons? Nobody wonders about that?). Maybe she met god in a dream or just decided that she needed some change from the village life.



Then you have to find a big school which has the best professor so that you learn all the tips and tricks of becoming a “MAA or BAPU”. Sukhvinder Kaur went to one of the best “Paramhans Bagh Dera Mukerian” in Hoshiarpur. After seeing her talent and capabilities she was relaunched as “Radhe Maa” to the world.



Then followers have to be given a new back story that how God was with their guru since they were a child. Like when every kid was eating mud Radhe Maa sat long hours in the kali temple and chanted mantras. It is very important to Exaggerate just like I did here.



Unlike other village people who come to Mumbai to become actors, you have to have bigger and stronger dreams and have to approach more people.



The tough part is sponserships.You need a rich believer who is ready to invest in you. For Radhe Maa it was investment plus free home stay for 12 years sponsored by MM Mithaiwala!

Advertising is todays need and Radhe Maa chooses the perfect Gupta Family. Soon billboards and TV ads come up and you are the new rising star in the field of spiritualty. But it is still not easy because there are so many in the market how are you any different?



Pravachans are always a success a little of Mahabharata, some Ramayana and you are good to go. The entire Sanskrit that you speak with a nice harmonium background, music nobody really cares what it means. Here is the point where you play your trump card.

Radhe Maa, instead of having the classical bhajan at her events changed it to Dance sessions with Bollywood songs. It was so much like a concert that people even lifted her up for an air dance. (video went viral).Believe me being different is not a piece of cake people start calling you obscene and fraud but you have to be strong. Publicity is publicity be it good or bad.

Catch her making it big ” Vyakti Vishesh:Radhe Maa’s Journey from Gudiya to Godwoman



Nobody becomes famous without a scandal, until of course you are really talented and not just trying to riff off people. So for her it was a “Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye situation” where somebody from her follower family filled a case against her for Dowry and physical abuse. One has to take care of such a situation because ultimately there costs are as high as losing the permission to enter Kumbh ka Mela.



Yes, you have to have lots and lots of make up because god and his believers love that. And wear all bright red bridal lenghas or sarees that make you glow like Times Square on New Year’s Eve only then, note it down only then you become a spiritual Guru(Female).Male gurus need dhoti and nice long hair. And this attire has to be worn 24×7.



Your followers have to rich and very rich because all the lengha cannot be walked with. You need Crorepati people sending their helicopters to carry you around. Famous people should support you at every scandal so that Page 3 and all other TV channels are full of you. Is there going to be a movie soon on the life of Radhe Maa? (Mentally booking tickets). With so many from the house of the Big Boss, such as Dolly Bindra, Manoj Tiwari being her followers, and with Gajendra Chauhan and Alok Nath among her friends from Astha channel, it is obvious that Radhe Maa “does” religion the way Rakhi Sawant does item numbers and she can because she has the money and the support!



The most difficult part is keeping the style. A Maa cannot be seen in skin tight jeans or mini Skirts even if you keep the 10000 Bangles on. Once a Maa always a Maa, no time outs. Otherwise there comes a time when Rahul Mahajan turns out to be more sensible then you and says “by calling this woman #Radhe Maa we are disrespecting Radhe and Maa both.” And in blink of an eyelash your image falls down as a fraud and people start singing songs like “Kal raat mata ka mujhe email aaya hain” for you.

These are the hardships of becoming a well Known Spiritual leader and making money like a boss. So choose carefully before changing professions!

Don’t be blind in faith.

P.s. Yes! This extremely religious journey does have the 11 shubh steps: p


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