Hangover Free Alcohol Is Here!

No nasty headaches with hangover free alcohol.
No nasty headaches with hangover free alcohol

It always seems like a good idea to go out drinking with your buddies on a Friday. I mean, the week is finally over (thank the lord), you’ve managed to bomb 3 out of 4 midterms, and gotten more internship rejections than the movies Samuel Jackson has appeared in.

So that “just one beer” quickly turns into 3 and “no shots tonight” ends up with you finally finishing off that bottle of sketchy Russian Vodka (translation: rubbing alcohol). Whatever the case maybe, you will be greeted by severe headache and nausea the morning after, guaranteed.

We all have our hangover cures that seem to work for us (me: cold pizza, orange juice, and tons of Aspirin) but face it: your day is pretty much ruined. You tell yourself that this is it, the final straw, it’s just not worth it anymore. Then Monday happens and you start looking forward to Friday again.

Turns Out, It Doesn’t Need To Be Like This!

Professor David Nutt has figured out a way to save our miserable souls for good. His new research is about creating hangover free alcohol. SOLD!

Nutt’s aptly named, hangover free “alcosynth” is the booze of the future. It provides all the goodies that regular drinks do, minus the abysmal hangover and other side effects. Nutt said that his motivation behind creating the synthetic hangover free alcohol is to save lives. He estimates that alcosynth is 100 times safer than regular alcohol.

Finally, Science Does Something For Me!

Professor Nutt has serious ambitions about this futuristic, hangover free concoction. He believes that in the next few decades, alcosynth will be the new norm. Drinks like alcosynth will be widely available and you’d be free to make all the poor decisions that you still make, without any nasty hangovers or headaches.

Piña coladas on the way to Mars anyone? This is the future!

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