Greed and the famous ‘Delhi showoff’ KILLS

Who doesn’t know Delhi to be bling bling bling, loud, arrogant, a show off and shallow. Its popularly said for the culture here : Delhi has 100 rupees but would spend 10,000! What’s this madness, hyper consumerism, hunger to have it all; all about? What’s the end? But why is the same not true for our dear netas…

1. Liquor Baron, multiplex owner, sugar & paper mills owner, real estate-poultry-films businessman PONTY CHADHA reportedly killed and got killed by his brother in a shoot out at their farmhouse in Delhi today. 
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2. The Yellow orange lamborghini owner, seen driving most often in South Delhi around GK, dies in a fatal crash in Feb this year. 
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3. Stockguru mega scam and fraud of 1,100 crores exposed, fraudster made mother believe he was dead
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