Graffiteria: Picture Story

Once there was an idle crow.

Aimless, hopeless, he flew to and fro.


He watched some kids playing some exploring game,

So he thought why he shan’t do the same.


He fled to the nearby hotel where he met Mr. Patrick Cox,

Who fed him bread crumbs and told him to think outside the box.


He kept on flying until he caught a sight desirous.

Batman was slapping Miley Cyrus!


He flew and flew until he set down near a distant skeet.

On flying further, he found that it was actually Pulp Fiction happening to The Sesame Street.


He was worn down of flying so he landed on a Bentley.

From the car, a guy leapt out to shoo him who was none other than Elvis Presley.


He flew further but couldn’t find anything,

So he landed at a spot, right in front of an eye that watches everything.


This exploration was so a lot of work, it had become quite a burden.

And so came a guy to give him hope who was our very own Tyler Durden.


He stopped at a position to grab a quick bite of a stale slice of pizza.

To his surprise, he came across a nerd look-a-like of Mona Lisa.



Now he was exhausted so he decided to end this day of fun.

As he was about to take off, he saw Amitabh Bachchan.



Utterly exhausted Mr. Crow reverted back to his nest.

For after spending a fantastic day, it was time for him to rest.


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