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With the onset of the hottest summer ever seen in the long years of the Land, the people of the realm have come together at the central arena named YouTube and are singing and playing the Great Song in the memory of the winter that was once yet to come…

Composed by a musician from the faraway land of Persia named Ramin Djawadi, this song has soon become a favorite inside as well as outside the Red Keep, and it seems to be the hum-tune of every child on the street.

The Sparrows of the Spider went around listening for tweets and picked up many forms of this melody by different musicians of the various kingdoms. They were all invited to the courtyard of the Prince and a contest decided the best of best…

Number Five: The Western Cover

A frayed young man with golden tanned skin and sun blonde hair enters, carrying an electric guitar and chewing tobacco. Without a care in the world, starts strumming the strings and from somewhere unknown, a background set is heard. Although his is a very offbeat and new take on the original song, it can go either ways. The young Princes and Princesses liked it, the audience didn’t.

Number Four: Taylor Davis

A young maiden with a cowled face and hair as light as the Khaleesi lights the dark night with her single candle. In her other hand, she holds her string instrument. Once she lights the candelabra of the chamber, she begins…

From her instrument comes the slowest, softest and sorrowful beginning verse. But as the song progresses, she takes in and holds the audience firmly with a strong and well-practiced orchestration.

Number Three: Karan Chitra Deshmukh

In another solitary entry, a lone man walked in with three of his slaves carrying ten different shapes and sizes of the Indian percussion instrument called tabla. What most others feat using string instruments or combination instruments, this man played out using only his little band of tablas.
Although not the closest resemblance to the original composition, this act brought about lots of enthusiasm from the drummers in the audience, who were very enthusiastic about the participation from their field.

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Number Two: EPIC Renditions

This particular act was by a party of youth who were studying to be musicians under one of the great art schools of the realm. The specialty of this particular instrumentation was the vocals by the female young singer, which added to the stellar tune.

Number One: Indian Jam Project

They were neither the largest party of competitors, nor were they the most experienced. However, this trio of a Tabla artist, a flutist and a pianist seemed to know best what they were doing.
Their composition merged the classical old tune of the original song with a melody so sweet and beautiful that it was exactly what the realm required: music to the ears.

They seem to have another composition about the song last played in the Red Wedding at the Twins: The Rains of Castamere.

By the orders of the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, shall you have any information regarding any other artists who perform this tune better than the ones we have managed to discover, you must report underneath in the Comments section.

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