Getting Lost Is Good

In a meditation class conducted by the Art of Living society I understood the beautifully hidden meaning in one of the most common and simplest fact of life – ‘We are there, where our mind is’.

With each breath I drew I took a flight into a new world of fantasy. It may sound funny, my mind flew miles away to the different places around the world that I wanted to visit, taking pictures by the sea side or collecting souvenirs in Ladakh. Unknowingly I had a smile on my face, felt strange happiness, a fresh zeal to get hold of what I cherish the most in life.

And ever since, I take this flight more often. It helps me to relate to my past memories and relive those beautiful moments. Although, I make sure not to knock the doors of any of my bitter past experiences.

Most of us visit hill station to rejuvenate ourselves, to sit back and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. Due to so many reasons one cannot do it often. Here comes the simple trick in action again.

When I feel depressed, choked and suffocated I imagine myself in the open fields surrounded by mountains, with sunrays falling on the crystal clear stream below, feel the cool breeze,  fragrance of flowers and hear the hum of insects. A magical transformation takes place, I feel relaxed, at peace, calm and distressed.

Not only this, it actually helps you to do more work and even tasks that you are otherwise scared of doing. I was afraid of public speaking and was asked to deliver a speech on the stage. By mentally going over the steps involved – walking to the stage with confidence, delivering my speech, thanking the people for listening my mind and most of all imagining a huge round of applause from the public made me feel much better when I actually got up on the stage.

‘Getting lost’ is indeed a good thing. It is something that everyone does naturally anyway, so why not do it a bit more?


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