By Rohan Bachhav

Steven Spielberg is set to make his first official superhero movie with DC comics based on their comic ‘Blackhawk’. Although this would be the first time he is a part of a proper superhero franchise, barring Indiana Jones who was no less than a superhero.

As of now Steven Spielberg is going to produce the movie and he is hoping that he gets to direct it too, so are we. DC is not doing so well when it comes to movies in the extended universe, but maybe the brilliance of Spielberg might turn things around for them.

Who is Blackhawk?

Blackhawk is the leader of a group called Blackhawks. They are a small group of ace pilots from all over the globe with 7 core members. Their base is known as Blackhawks Island and their battle cry is ‘Hawk-a-a’ (I am not making this up).

They used to fight before against the Axis powers (the WWII Axis alliance) and frequently battled against machines like ‘Shark Planes’ and flying tanks. Even though the storyline seems a little mundane, in its prime, the Blackhawk comics outsold every other comic except Superman in the 1940s.

Maybe it was due to the war in that period, but since then they have already been adapted into a film serial, a radio series as well as a novel and had a few cameos in the Justice League animated series and movies, the most memorable being in Flashpoint Paradox.

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What can we expect?

Blackhawk’s adaption into a movie could not have anyone better on board than Steven Spielberg. The story is not about some men with super-powers but about ordinary men taking to the skies to fight the enemy.

If anyone can make this movie big, it’s him. Spielberg is already known for turning normal characters into mesmerizing individuals who forever stay in your memories.

It is still not decided whether the movie would include the original villains of the franchise, which I am hoping they won’t as well as the era in which it will play out.

Although it will be more than likely that these movies will be set in the world war period and Spielberg, well Spielberg is the king of world war movies right from Saving Private Ryan to War Horse and many more.

The movie is being written by David Koepp who has teamed up with Spielberg before to produce movies like ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’, ‘War of the Worlds’ and also ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull’.

The movie is however not going to come out anytime soon as Steven Spielberg has his hands already full with a new installation of Indiana Jones and West Side Story.

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Sources: MSN, CNN, CBR 

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