Cartoons have often been used to talk about the political issues in India and make them reach the masses. It takes an otherwise serious and not all that interesting subject and gives it a somewhat humourous angle that allows people to not only have a good laugh but also stay updated on what’s happening. 

The recent Delhi elections, whose result was revealed yesterday had the Aam Admi Party (AAP) winning by a big margin against the much bigger and popular Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 

BJP for that matter was called out for trying to incite communal divide or hatred, in order to get votes. Their campaign ads and speeches by various leaders of the party were said to be quite negative and not as positive as they were in their earlier campaign. 

The results of this election was also an example of how no party can really win elections by trying divide and rule politics and that the common voter is smarter than they might appear. 

This prompted a lot of cartoonists across the country to come up with interesting cartoons that touched upon this incident in various unique ways. 

In this cartoonist @pencilashan has shown how Kejriwal’s broom (which is also their party symbol) with its work has sweeped away the hate politics of BJP. 

Cartoonist Satish Acharya posted this not only as a funny comment on BJP getting shocked by the results but also seems to be referencing to the statement that the party made while campaigning. They asked the Delhi voters to press the voting button so hard, obviously to vote for them, that the people protesting against CAA and NRC in Shaheen Bagh would feel that current. 

This cartoon, probably coming from the opposition side, is being shared by people who are not entirely trusting of Kejriwal. They akin this win with Kejriwal taking the innocent goat, that is a stand-in for the people of Delhi, to be slaughtered.

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Illustrator, Suman Choudhury, has in a very funny way shown how AAP defeated BJP in these elections. They have imagined the elections to be a kabaddi match. 

Artist, Alok Nirantar, in this graphic has hilariously compared the elections to a classroom test. Where Kejriwal is jumping with joy at passing with maximum marks, BJP is not happy with their marks while Congress and other parties were sitting at zero. 

Cartoonist Manjul in this cartoon is commenting how the Congress Party was pretty confident in where they would place in the elections. 

This old cartoon by Amul that they released in 2015 when AAP first won the Delhi elections, is also being shared again by people happy with the latest decision. 



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