You Need To Read This Week’s Funniest News & My Take On It

This week has been amazing.

I’m so blessed to make fun of news and people until I am arrested though.

I present you my take on news this week:

news this week

I’d be utterly disappointed if I do not mention Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad in this issue.

This guy is the most humble politician ever. He wears expensive sandals but does not think twice before using it to beat an Air India employee. He was again denied entry into yet another flight and this time he travelled by car from Mumbai to Delhi.

At least now he’ll get to know the sorry conditions of Highway roads in this country.

news this week

After series of Note 7 blasts last year, Samsung released new Galaxy S8 this week to revive its image.

This is strange because I don’t remember Samsung ever having a good image in the market.

news this week

In weird news, some very good folks suggested the name of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat for the post of President.

I think he would make a good President, of the Hindu Rashtra of Jupiteristaan.

news this week

news this week

In the creepy news this week, Bengaluru’s female underwear thief has been arrested. He stole undergarments from women’s hostel in a semi-nude state. 

Who wouldn’t date such a saxxyy buoy. This guy has 110% chance of stealing yo gal by unhooking her dreams.

TVF released a new web-series, Bisht Please.

They wanted to name it B*tch Please but Arunabh Kumar got turned on every time he heard the name.

Also, Mumbai police is on a lookout for Arunabh after 2 FIRs have been launched against him.

news this week

Cows in Gujarat are now more protected than ever. One can get minimum 10 years and maximum life imprisonment for cow/bull slaughter.

This is a great step towards protection of animals. I wish same rights were guaranteed by the BJP to North-Eastern cows too.

On a totally different note, Bulls in Tamil Nadu are played with and it is legally authorised to be played (read: tortured) within the name of culture.

news this week

See ya pals next week, bye bye, tata, shub ratri, good night!

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