Before we brought to you the funniest common Indian guys on Twitter, but now we bring the other gender, that is the fe-males.

Yes, although there is the long-held presumption that women are not really that funny, Twitter proves them wrong.

There are a bunch of hilarious and out-right funny Indian girls/women on Twitter that can give a good fight to any male comedian.

Here we take a look at some of the funniest common Indian girls on Twitter and why you should be following them:

#1. Angoor Stark

A hilarious account with several relatable posts, including memes and written jokes, you will probably also find various other funny people here.

#2. SwatKat- The dancing human

Swati, or Swatkat as she likes to call herself is apparently a writer, but did her engineering from Dhakka and even has an MBA degree.

It seems all that certainly brought out her funny side, because her memes are hilarious, and you will scroll endlessly through her Twitter page.


KKAEBSONG or @galat_fehmi, is a hilarious account that does more of written jokes instead of memes, but most of them are on point. Like this one, if that is not relatable, I don’t know what is.


She finds a place in this list, purely because of this one tweet.

#5. QK:

No bio, no nothing, just let her posts speak for themselves. And starting with this atrocious tweet, how can you say something so dangerous, yet so brave?

#6. Lola Kuttiamma

Going by @Priya_Menon, this account is filled with hilarious posts and this fact needs to go viral. Soan papdi discrimination will not be tolerated anymore.

#7. Romz

Romz with the handle @RomanaRaza is one of the few meme accounts run by girls I have come across. But fear not, her memes will make you laugh out loud. 

Did we miss any gems? Tell us in comments below and we shall update this list!

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