From Snapdeal To Taimur Ali Khan, Unusual Things That Were Trending In News This Week

A very Merry Christmas to you my dear reader! With good spirits in the air and general merry making all around, news this week did not fail to live up its regular expectation of being bold and bizarre.

To laugh till your belly aches or cry till your head hurts, you be the judge!



Pope Francis Slams Materialistic Christmas Celebrations.

Pope Francis Pre Christmas Address

We just have to agree here. Who is God? How is God? What is the use of remembering God just once a year? Same question I would like to pose on the eve of every major Indian festival. These big corporations and their in-your-face campaigns get on your nerves. Though… It is slightly weird for the Catholic church to lambast materialism.


Snapdeal To Now Deliver Cash At Your Doorstep.


Snapdeal has decided to step up their jugaad game and decided to capitalize on the cash crunch by delivering cash to their customers. I say, good initiative! But if they are looking to overtake the popularity of Amazon and Flipkart by ‘unboxing’ money for their users, they might be up for a rude shock.


Giant Panda Demolishing a Snowman Might Just Become The Fall Video Of The Year.

Because everybody gets the feels when a mushy mushy giant is trying to demolish another mushy mushy giant. I literally went, “Go get it, Mao!”




Russian Jet with 92 Onboard Crashes Into Black Sea.

Rescue operations for Russian aircraft at Black Sea.
Rescue operations for Russian aircraft at Black Sea are underway as we speak.


Travelling on board were 9 journalists and more than 60 of the internationally renowned Russian Red Army Choir who were bound for a performance at the Russian Air base in Syria. No sign of survivors yet. It’s too solemn, too sad.


Modi Government Enthusiastic Over 3600 crores worth Shivaji Memorial.

Modi performs Jal Pujan for the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial

Is it necessary to drive a prudish sense of nationalism down everyone’s throat at the expense of tax payers money? Yes, it is!

Saifeena Decides To Name Their Baby Boy Taimur.

news this week
Taimur Ali Khan

And India decides to hate it. To each his own. *shrugs*

That’s all for news this week. This year truly has been an overwhelmingly charming one.

Sarcastically speaking. *wink*

See you on the other side of a brand new year of outrageous news! Have a great week ahead everybody!

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