BTS, the fast-growing South Korean band is coming out with their latest album Map Of The Soul: Persona on April 12th. 

However, before that, just like always, the 7 membered band (RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, Jung Kook, Jimin and V) released the comeback trailer song for it on March 27th on 12 am KST. 

Within just 3 days, the video on YouTube has already crossed over 16 million views and is being massively appreciated by the fandom, especially for the reference it makes to BTS’ 2014 album ‘Skool Luv Affair’ trailer.

The Persona trailer starts on almost the same lines as the 2014 trailer and has heavily taken from RM, the leader’s, part from the Intro: Skool Luv Affair song in the 2014 album. 

The song talks about self-worth and finding his real identity over the years. With lyrics that talk about how he is divided into different roles of idol, rapper, Namjoon and leader, as well as references to ‘cancel culture’ especially bringing up the popular phrase ‘But Namjoon’ that many K-pop fans use to bring up past mistakes of Namjoon to cancel the artist further, the song is all about letting those things go. 

Persona the song talks about evolving in this world and personal growth, with the line “I just wanna give you all the shoulders when you cry” in particular hitting many fans hard since it seems to be offering support to people in times when they might be feeling weak. 

However, the song has created an interesting challenge, called the Persona challenge, where inspired by the lyrics, BTS ARMY (the official fandom name) are sharing their personal stories of growth and how they overcame difficult and trying times.





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The challenge it seems was originally created by a New Yorker, Josh, who posted on his Twitter, asking people to compare their 2019 self with their 2013 self and see how they had changed. 

The challenge went viral from there, with the #PersonaChallenge trending worldwide with over 50k tweets contributing to it. ARMYs from all across the world, sharing their stories and being happy how they had grown to love themselves.

This is such a positive and interesting challenge, where it builds the community even closer to each other and allows them to see how people get over their difficulties. 

What is your Persona challenge? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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