Friendly Fridays Chapter 57: Comedian Suresh Menon

This week on Friendly Fridays we got a chance to interview the extremely talented Suresh Menon, who needs no introduction. He is much more fun than we had imagined. Let’s start our rendezvous with him right away.  

Team ED: Three words that describe you best.

Suresh Menon: Happy, smiling, confused.

Team ED: Do you think that the Indian audience is accepting comedy podcasts?

Suresh Menon: Yes, I do, it’s easy to put on your earphones and listen to some fun content nowadays, even watch them (smiles).

Team ED: Of all the movies you have acted in, which character has been the most fun to play and which has been the most difficult?

Suresh Menon: Hmm. I love all the characters that I have done in movies. The most fun was Bheja Fry’s M T Shekharan. And the toughest would be Unnikrishanan from my Malayalam film debut Bhramaram with the legendary Mohanlal.

Team ED: What would you have been doing if not comedy and acting?

Suresh Menon: Would have been working in a 9 to 5 job in sales or marketing.

Team ED: Should comedians have a no go zone?

Suresh Menon: Tough to answer. Frankly, anything that makes people laugh is fine by me. But in the world that we live in, it is better to avoid religion, celebs, accents, race, politics. Best is to crack jokes on oneself.

Team ED: The craziest thing you have ever done.

Suresh Menon: Join the film industry when I had a decent job in TOI.

Team ED: Your Twitter handle is @sureshnmenon. What does the “n” in between stand for?

Suresh Menon: N stands for my Father’s name Narayanan, he was my guru and taught me a lot of things about life. I miss him and my mom. Wherever they are I hope they are happy.

Team ED: If the front page article was about you, what would the headline be?

Suresh Menon: Suresh Menon wins the Oscar.

Team ED: Fill in the blanks with the following options: Cyrus Brocha, Jose, Chunky Pandey.

Suresh Menon: “I would make out with CHUNKY, slowly torture CYRUS WITH LAUGHTER to death and exchange lives with JOSE.

Team ED: If you woke up one day, and found out that you married a Sanskari Poonam Pandey, who is the daughter of Alok Nath and Radhe Maa (let’s say) while you were drunk, what would be your reaction?

Suresh Menon:  Write a book on the world’s biggest loser.

Team ED: Now we have some quick questions for you:

  • Tanmay, Rohan, Ashish or Khamba: Tanmay
  • Beer, Wine, Whiskey: Beer
  • Has your world ever been rocked: Yes many times
  • High School Nickname: Suru
  • Chuddy Buddy: K R Srinivasan
  • Bigg Boss: Big Loss
  • KaanMasti: Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

Team ED: And finally, any signing off words to the ED Readers.


Thank you so much, Suresh, for giving us time. We loved every bit of this Friendly Fridays interview with you. 

With that, it’s a wrap of this fun-filled edition of Friendly Fridays. We will be back again next week, with some more fun and friendly chats. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

See you again next week, till then, adios!

Interview Conceptualised by Vageesha Bainwala


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