Friendly Fridays Chapter 35: Actor Kalki Koechlin

Some people are not much different than what they seem like on the screen.

She describes herself as a person with a very “Normal Life” who loves Beef and will love to run away from all the phone networks and chill on a deserted island.

This time of Friendly Fridays, we bring to you

The Girl next door!

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’s Aditi!

Someone who is so much more than plain Bollywood!

The one who has a voice!

None other than youth’s most loved and admired Kalki Koechlin!

We were so lucky to catch this opportunity to do a video interview with Kalki Koechlin (pronounced as “CAKE LE” which she is tired of correcting). So much more to know about her, isn’t it? Let’s get started…

Kalki Koechlin in conversation with ED’s Nishita Karun: 

Kalki surely is one of the coolest people in Bollywood and we are soooo glad she endorses ED and the concept behind us! 

And of course, how could we miss a chance toTake a selfie with a star


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Thank you so much, Kalki for giving us time. We loved every bit of this interview with you. 

With that, it’s a wrap of this exciting edition of Friendly Fridays. We will be back again, with some more fun and friendly chats next Friday. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

See you again next week, till then, adios!

(Interview conceptualised by Nishita Karun, Chirali Sharma)

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