Forbes’ Mind Blown With Modi Magic: 5 Reasons Why


Who can say that India is known only for its curries, films, mathematicians and pretty ladies?  Well well…here’s the news which will change the manner world perceives our nation. Our PM, Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi has been adjudged by Forbes Magazine as the 15th Most Powerful Person in the World.

Hi five, you guys.

The fact we’re being headed by one of the finest administrators and policy maker India has come across in a long time, cannot be underestimated. The world media couldn’t help but acknowledge the contagious energy, disseminated to more than one-sixth of the mortal human population by their head of state. And this recognition coming from Forbes– the American business magazine widely known for its exclusive lists, is admission of India as a rising power.


Let’s quickly read through 5 fascinating feats we have achieved since Mr. Modi taking oath to office on May 26, and earning him the label as one of the most influential person around.

       1) Arthavyavasthā –

  • The combined market capitalisation of India’s publicly listed companies is nearing the 100 lac crore landmark, with billions of dollars pouring into India in the wake of Narendra Modi’s stunning election victory- the biggest in 30 years
  • India’s GDP advanced faster than expected 7 % in the Q2, 2014, up from 4.6 percent expansion reported in Q1. It is the highest growth rate reported since the fourth quarter of 2011.
  • Headline inflation (Wholesale Price Index) declined to a five-year low of 38% in September. This is the lowest since October 2009 when it stood at 2.33%.
  • With inflation in control and robust reforms in the pipeline, the industry is hoping for a rate cut too!
  • And did I mention he is planning an international business forum in January 2015, in Gujrat. And, this is being termed as the Davos of  the East. Imagine the global honchos partying and discussing business in our own backyard.

         Who wouldn’t get influenced by such endeavours?

       2) Vidēśa nīti–

Mr.Modi’s foreign policy is testament of his intentions to re-shape and improve upon the relations India has with rest of the world.         His report card on international visits and playing host to a greater number is nothing short of a record.

  • The invitations to the heads of all SAARC countries for his swearing in, was a masterstroke. Nothing could better declare that India is      all for diplomacy and peace
  • The picture of Namo strolling with Chinese Premier Xi Jingping on the banks of Sabarmati, discussing trade and visa issues cannot      fade away easily
  • A strong message to Pakistan has been given to curb its notoriety in time, else the next discussion will not be that benign
  • Visiting Japan and attracting 10K crore rupees is no small thing either
  • Going to Nepal and Bhutan, countries long felt neglected by India, is truly applaudable
  • And who can forget the stint in the USA, the speech at MCG and unfurling of the orator that he is.


                 And the quote below, ahh…this is the one which takes the honour.

          ‘We Move the World When We Move Our Mouse’ 

     Can a person without courage make such efforts?

         3) Vikāsa –

Development is the man’s forte. His ability to turn a step into a mass movement has started to bear fruits already. Everyone is well aware that India possesses a demographic advantage, with over 60% of our population falling in the working age group by 2020, and Mr. Modi understands it.

  • With campaigns in the likes of ‘Make In India’ in force, one cannot help but imagine how this demographic dividend can turn into a boon for a country which has long faced the lashes of exploitation and inequality
  • With India lagging behind at 137th place in Ease of Doing business index, the archaic and irrelevant laws are being done away with, to facilitate smoother functioning of corporate machinery
  • And this vikasa is aimed for social and environmental welfare too. The Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan and Namami Gange are part of a larger scheme of things – to ensure India progresses holistically.

        Could this happen without a doer in charge?

         4) Seva over Śāsana –

The bureaucracy has been bluntly asked to change their outlook to Civil Servants from the Queens of Democracy. With slogans like “Nayi soch, nayi umeed” and “Sashak nahi, Sevak” reverberating before elections, the difference can be seen in the governance now. The new ministers seem to abide by the rule of “Maximum Governance, Minimum Government” coined by Mr. Modi.

Cutting through red tape, business projects worth hundreds of crores have been cleared, and Parliament sessions are being used to their maximum productivity. The 16th Lok Sabha            worked for 104 per cent of the sanctioned time and the Rajya Sabha for 106 per cent.

         5) Bhav –

But has he made that connection with the public?

No doubt! He has passed the test with flying colours. The prospect put forward in the manifesto is turning into reality. Namo should become synonymous with the word action. The general sentiment is upbeat and all boosted up.


The United Progressive Alliance had left behind an array of disappointment and discontent among the citizens. The country’s morale took back to back hits with scams and outright brazenness of the former leadership. To top that all, a puppet PM pulling a foreign pallu and babysitting the baba could no longer be digested.

After all, the weight of ambitions, hopes, and vigor of over 120 crore people need shoulders made of steel and mind of the Jedi’s to be carried forward. The nation needed a strong individual, we have got one, and he is one of a kind in the category. It is time the world took notice, because had there been a world Parliament, India would have been some serious contender.


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