The entrepreneur sector has never been as enigmatic as it has been for the last decade or so.

Earlier always considered as a dangerous and non-profitable venture, being an entrepreneur is the new hot profession especially for the youth of the country.

And the economy and even the govt. for that matter is beginning to understand the massive potential that lies in the entrepreneurial sector.

Add to that the highly alluring concept of being the founder of a successful company and getting the fame from that, almost everyone wants to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

That is why, as per the latest industry experts and findings, these 5 areas are supposed to go big:

1. Space:

Elon Musk is a household name these days, and people are talking of colonizing Mars, living on the Moon and much more.

A number of different space companies and particularly Musk himself have allowed people to see ‘space’ as a private sector and that too one whose growth and importance can affect the growth of the industry.

The success of companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and more have been the push needed to inspire entrepreneurs or astropreneurs as they are called to start their own thing.

2. Local and Regional Entrepreneurs and Ventures:

With Make in India and Digital India, there is a sudden rise of interest in the more local and regional areas and their entrepreneurial ventures.

Pad man and such are a few examples of organisations that have gained international recognition and created a healthy environment for more such ventures to start.

With Flipkart, Ola, PayTm and more giving stiff competition to their international counterparts, it is not that unlikely for local and regional ventures to also make a name for themselves.

And sometimes it is these very regional or small town ventures that can create something new and unique that even the urban sector so far had not explored.

3. Cyber Security:

As mentioned above, Digital India is also creating an immense need for better and stronger cyber security in the country.

Demonetisation, cashless payments, online banking procedures and such have brought to the forefront exactly how poor and lax our cyber security unit is.

In the face of all that, Cyber Security will be an excellent field for entrepreneurs to venture in, especially as service providers to bigger companies who provide online payment and more.

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4. Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the digital currency that is making waves across the globe as the next best thing and something that can revolutionise the way we make payments.

Obviously with Japan having already passed a law that accepts bitcoin as a legal currency and Russia on the way, as per sources, if India regularizes and legalizes bitcoin, it has massive scope for entrepreneurs and businesses, providing a lot of opportunities for startups to thrive and do new things.

Areas like exchange, traders like Angel broking and of course there is a lot of potential in bitcoin being used as an investment like gold and shares are a few that entrepreneurs can look into if bitcoin comes in the Indian sector.

Right now, you can buy bitcoin in India through Zebpay, Unocoin and Bitcoin India, apart from a few other sources.

5. Clean Tech:

You might have heard of food tech and fin tech, now it is time for clean tech, which essentially means that entrepreneurs are going green.

There is a definite rise in clean tech startups, and according to WWF, it is estimated that by 2020 investment in the clean tech sector will rise up to almost US 500 billion dollars.

Clean tech is all about devising ways for energy storage, using renewable energy, creating bio and organic products, and more.

Especially in India and Delhi more than any is in need of some good clean tech entrepreneurs that can help bring down the alarming pollution levels we are seeing right now.

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