Foodie Google Introduces 7 Doodle Fruit Games On Rio Olympics

The world is high on Olympics then why shouldn’t be Google.
This August, Google has brought Doodle Fruit Games and I know what you are wondering right now, with games like Lollipop Land, hidden in the Android 5.1 or the versions like KitKat, Marshmallow and the new Nougat, why Google is so obsessed with food? I suppose Google, a polymath, is also a big time foodie.
Whatever would be the case, it has launched 7 addictive games, to celebrate 2016 Rio Olympics, available on Google App, this August.
These games are about the fruits, getting all funky and trying their luck in athletics. There is a complete frenzy

Google Fruit Games 1

from strawberries racing their heart out, to

Google Fruit Games 2

apples playing swimming pool football, Google has not failed to remind us of Rio with its exotic fruits.
The games have all the qualities to get you glued to your phones. They seem easy at the outset which ensures your interest but as soon as you start getting involved, they become those irritating games which urge you to finish them before doing anything important, due to which I have ruined my Sunday plans but it was fun.

There is a Hurdle Run for Spiders, a BMX bike tournament of Coconuts, tennis for pineapples and the list goes on more and more ridiculously absurd and risible.


To play you must have Google app on your phones. Just tap the doodle and enter into the world of wacky fruits.
Check them out as soon as possible as they are only available until 21 August.

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