Folktales Of The Untouched Paradise – Sikkim; Part 1

This summer I visited Sikkim and it is true what they say, It’s Paradise Untouched. Belonging to an army background, I went on my own merry little expedition. Questioning all the soldiers I could trouble, I came across two legends, native folklore of Sikkim.

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So here they are, my ‘eerie/spooky’  version of them (trying to be cool), let’s see how well you can decipher and decode the real story off them …


1. Let me walk you through a night, a night of fate and fear, amongst the mountains of the north, some twenty years ago.

The dream was subtle, like a whisper amongst songs, light and unheard of, it grew to take over her whole body as she awoke, screaming bloody murder. Cursing, cussing and tagging her a sorceress, they laughed at the woman.

Those who believed the aging soul left; lock stock and barrel, but those who stayed, fell prey to the night yet to come…. Silence filled each ear but for a ripple that flowed beneath their feet….a ripple that increased so far above their heads that death, yes death filled the air.

2. When death became him, he surrendered himself to his country, atop his stallion, his shadow fell, galloping through dawn along dusk… Dreams and vigils were kept alive in his name, his boots- worn and muddy, let’s tell the tale of a Sepoy once passed, who protects his land, his people, his past.

A shrine blesses all ailing and well, but be warned of his wrath upon those who seem too hoity, too swell. This, a region bound to him, now and forever; be vary of your dreams, of your path and prayers, so let it be known, that here is where death became him…

P.S.: Stay tuned for the next part where I reveal the entire ACTUAL tale. 

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