FlippED: Our Bloggers Fight It Out On The Purple Flower Reaction On Facebook

By Siddharth Sharma & Bhavya Malhotra

Facebook introduced a purple flower in its category of reactions to a post. And as it turns out, a flower reaction on a post actually meant, that you’re ‘thankful for it.’ Facebook introduced this ‘Mother’s Day Special’ reaction. This purple color flower lasted for just the second Sunday of May aka mother’s day.

Many of us found it irritating and annoying, while some didn’t.

Read on to find out why one of our bloggers absolutely loved the innovation while the other one called it lame!

Why Bhavya feels that: the purple flower was the lamest thing on Facebook

The theory behind this one-day long reaction was:  Your friends and you publish mother’s day posts. So if you are thankful for your mom or anyone else’s give them a flower.

Wait. What did I just say? A flower?  You know what would be a better symbol for gratefulness? A Pizza. I am sure all of us will more gladly accept a pizza over a flower from others every time they are ‘thankful’ for our post or us or whatever.


So what if you haven’t been able to say thank you to everyone you always wanted to? You have a purple flower there, give that. After all you’re thankful. One probably might have never ever received flowers in real life; so here is facebook to fill up the gap.


Thank you, Facebook, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have come to know that 34 friends of mine were thankful for MY mom. I owe you.

This ‘thankful’ reaction lasted for just one day- mother’s day. What if, I wanted to be thankful for my mom on the day after? Does that mean that the world doesn’t need to know that I am slow and my brain takes time to process things?

What if I am thankful to my friends for the ‘HBD’ on my timeline only after Facebook reminded them that it was my birthday today for the millionth time? Need the flowers bro!

Siddharth’s arguments on : Why the purple flower rocked

Flowers are a symbol of love. When a woman says, “I want you to take my flower”, she wants you to take her love. Yes that’s right. And purple is the colour of goodness, it is blessed upon us when we sacrifice the blood of red to the blue of the skies.

It is good, facebook is learning from Snapchat, it’s living in the moment by adding reactions that last just one day. Zuck knows that snapchat is gaining popularity, he’s trying to do his best of living in the moment. It would be good if you removed our old status updates as well because they were LAME!

Flowers the “shizz” now! Dead since many years the tradition of giving flowers to someone when you are thankful to someone, back in his day little Mark gave his ex-girlfriend purple flowers when she accepted his friend request. He wants to bring some tradition back in this world, just like Chandler.

Besides it seems like the start of reactions for every other day. Like a beer on Father’s day, condom on children’s day, poop on hug day, etc. But the problem is no one takes them reactions seriously, I mean “thenga hi dena tha 6 alag reactions me se”. So our Mark is trying to change this scenario by introducing such catalysts. I give him my purple flower.

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