The Five Must-Have Playlists


We rely upon music for so many purposes- to even out our disillusioned, blue mood, to pump up our spirits and our energy, to pass that long train/bus ride or to simply relax after a long day. It is only natural that we need different playlists to suit the occasion. Here are the five absolute must playlists that every music lover would do well to update regularly-

1) The I-have-gone-crazy-stupid playlist – This has the ultimate hits of Himesh Reshammiya! And Govinda’s movies’ songs as well. Listen to this playlist when you feel absolutely out of your wits, or when you want to have a crazy dancing party with friends. Believe me, the results are hilarious!

2) The Easy Listening Deep Thinking Playlist – The music is light on the ears but will lull you into serious thought. Perfect for nostalgic evenings and when you are in a mood to listen to contemplative, true-to-life, meaningful songs. Think John Mayer and Bryan Adams. Also, if you appreciate a bit of poetry in lyrics, Dire Straits and The Civil Wars.

3) The Travel Playlist – This is your perfect companion for that journey through the countryside, through the mountains or the beaches. Keep a good balance between somber and upbeat to keep you in good stead throughout your journey.

4) The Ethereal, Other-Worldly Playlist- This has all Coldplay, Radiohead, Kings Of Leon songs. Perfect for soothing your exhausted or fraying nerves. Their is something in this playlist that takes you to a place distant from the reality of your life. Say hi to your fantasy world with this playlist.

5) The Out and Out Rock Playlist – I say this playlist is a must because most of us will have occasions when we desperately need a pick-me-up, and this playlist is going to be the best answer! Feel instantly energized and forget your worries while you rock it out to the tunes of Aerosmith, Green Day, Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses.





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