Fighting Gender Inequality: The Pakistan Way #BeatMe

As a part of the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence, the UN Women Pakistan has released a video #BeatMe which is an open invitation to the patriarchal society to come and ‘beat’ women – not in a closed dark room, but out in the open, in the real world.

A still from the video

Gender-based violence is something that is common not just in Pakistan, but in countries around the world. The prevailing 19th-century ideologies which classify women to be submissive and weak fail to acknowledge the strength of a child-bearing woman or a woman who manages both work and home. It fails to acknowledge the strength in a woman’s voice and her words, or her ability to be able to conquer the highest peak in the world.

The #BeatMe video reaffirms every woman that she is stronger than what the world makes her believe. It enhances the fact that women are empowered, and just need the world to accept the fact. It showcases Pakistani women who have excelled in different walks of life and challenges the world to try to beat them in their respective fields.

Un Beat Me
A still from the video

The #BeatMe video has been released as a part of UNiTE – a campaign to end violence against women. It aims at enhancing pre-existing talks on ending violence against women and girls but most importantly driving a change in social attitude which in itself a multi-faceted project. The world needs to accept and encourage the capabilities of a woman, and at the same time needs to educate its men.

It very boldly affirms that women can overcome every hurdle and every challenge that is put in front of them, but this does not mean that such a practice should continue.

In today’s virtually driven world, it is important that such movements move from screens to actions. It is important that every human being realises that dialogues like “tere ghar mein ma-behen nahi hain” will not help men realise the egoist atrocities. We do not expect a change overnight, but we do demand one to happen at the earliest.

Is it asking too much? Probably Not.

Watch the video:

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