FemmeCon-Women’s Health Festival, India’s first women’s health festival is back with their second edition. A two-day celebration of women’s health and bodies, the event will run from 7th to 8th December 2019.

Held at the India International Centre, New Delhi the event organised by TheaCare: Women’s Health Companion plans on bringing diverse stakeholders in the country under one roof and creating a one-of-a-kind space for actions & conversation on women’s health with action-based, solution-oriented engagements.

Why Are The Objectives Of FemmeCon?

  • Building action-based communities for women’s health
  • Co-creating solutions
  • Mapping progress, identifying gaps
  • Bringing multi-sector stakeholders for a common goal
  • Highlighting successful case studies

FemmeCon’s founder, Swarnima Bhattacharya stated that, “FemmeCon was conceptualised as a Safe Space for women to come, share their experiences, find a community, be that Community for someone else, and co-create solutions for women’s health challenges. The attempt is to shine a light on what women feel and what they want, and what their relationship is with their bodies. We focus on research-based facts, and empathy-led conversations, along with supportive doctors and community-builders.”

The team wanted a large number of people to talk about diverse aspects of women’s health, find solace, sisterhood, and most importantly– answers.

Answers to various questions about their bodies, sex, mental health, laws, daily self-care or finding the right medical resources. Women’s health is always an afterthought not just in society, but also in the lives of women themselves.

The aim was to talk about women’s health in fun, celebratory, body-positive, interactive ways. It had to be a safe, warm, beautiful space putting all attendees at ease. FemmeCon shaped up to be not a conference, but a hearty confluence and a strong conversation.



A prologue to FemmeCon, two weekends prior to the main event. A curated gathering of women #Walking4Health. Encouraging them to ditch sedentary lifestyles & incorporate exercise in their daily lives.

Inaugural Baithak:

A cosy Baithak with pioneers of the women’s health conversation in India. Catch Goonj, Menstrupedia, The Woman’s Company and Delhi Gynaecologists Forum in a fun & interactive conversation.

Featuring a special “Ask Me Anything” on growing women’s health businesses, with Vikas Bagaria, founder of Pee Safe.

Mind over Matter:

Multiple sessions throughout the day where 2 experts interact with audiences in conversation-packed 45-min slots. They will introduce the topic, shed myths, share resources, answer questions & can even conduct one quick activity. Topics to be discussed:

  • Breast Care
  • PCOS & Hormonal Health
  • Health Insurance for women

Hands on:

Series of workshops on a variety of topics, in 45-min slots, to equip attendees with practical know-how. Topics that will be delved into:

  • Digital Activism for women’s health
  • Healthy Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth

Change Dialogue:

Conversations with women working on female health in India, their journeys and lessons.


A small book exhibition displaying some path-breaking books on female health.


An art exhibition on women’s health & bodies, reclaiming how South Asian bodies are depicted in pop culture

“Ask Me Anything” (with Doctors & Legal Experts)

An intensive 1-hour session each, with a panel of Doctors & Legal Experts who will answer all Community FAQs on all pressing issues ranging across adolescent health, menopause, UTI, vaginal health, IVF myths, safe sex, Endometriosis and more.

And laws around abortion, domestic violence, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, among many other things.

Curtains down:

Concluding the event with the best advocacy weapon- Humour!! Kickass comic Neeti Palta will be holding an exclusive act for FemmeCon.

Working with diverse partners in India, FemmeCon impacts hundreds of thousands of rural and urban Indian women.

The only female health festival in India their team brings together tech, hygiene products, medical research, art, films & law on female health, and raise awareness.

Indian women need a physical, nurturing space such as this to know more about their health & bodies and find solutions.

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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