Fashion Disasters From Bollywood

By Nidhi Nagpal

Bollywood award shows, are undoubtedly a must watch for every youngster. Too much masala, peppered with unlimited glamour, gusto and enthusiasm of our much admired stars, sprinkled with celebs link ups and paparazzi does not let us down. But what I love to see is the RED CARPET. It is actually a glimpse of who is a fashion maverick and who has topped the list of fashion disasters. More importantly, it is from here we learn some of fashion’s best lessons.

Lets have a look at some of the goof ups that our Fashion ‘DIVAS’ made at 2013 award shows and what the common people can learn from these celebrity fashion faux pas.

sonakshi-sinha-2013-Colors-Screen-AwardsSONAKSHI SINHA


Holy mother of God! Never have I seen her getting praise for what she wears. But this, I would say was horrendous or probably an overfed ostrich in a zardozi jacket. The first question that popped up in my mind when I saw this look : “What was miss Sinha thinking when she decided to don this bedazzled, over –the-top Falguni and Shane Peacock dress ?”

If her aim was to look like a female clone of Michael Jackson, then KUDOS, woman, .MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I don’t see any other reason to wear too much gold and bling and black together in one place. Bling is in, but over-bling is a complete fashion kill.



Seems like the junior Chopra landed at the wrong venue. She was probably heading to little Bo peep pageant. Seriously, that vagabond type look for 19th Annual Colors Screen Awards?

Sabyaschi Mukherjee was pretty much successful in giving her such a matronly attire. Other than adding 10+ years to her current age, this maxi dress did nothing for her. Here comes the cherry on the cake, the BOW. It adds more bulk where it is not needed. And last but not the least, it makes her look saggy in places she should not! A word of wise, there are many ways to do bohn-chic, this gypsy dress is so not the way.



We know Monochrome (black and white) is such a hit. We also know Malaika Arora Khan is a fashion maven. So, it is basically a universally acknowledged and accepted fact that Malaika in a monochrome ensemble could be nothing short of fashion magic! Yet when, Malaika Arora Khan walked on the Zee Cine Awards red carpet wearing a white pearl-embellished ballerina dress by Alice Olivia paired with black sandals and clutch, the fashion police got terrified beyond imagination and it was a sheer insult to the monochrome trend.

Umm .to begin with, the dress was perfect for a teenage prom night, not for the presenter of an awards function. Knowing Malaika, one had hope that she could manage to make this dress work, had it not been for the accompanying black clutch and sandals. They say, you can never go wrong with the black and white. And here stands Malaika, a clear example of how wrong you can go with it. Moral of the story: In an effort to being fashion forward one must never ever forget the fashion basics.



I pity Mugdha Godse’s dress at ZEE Cine Awards, I can still hear that dress whispering in anguish “I am butt ugly why did you wear me!” Dresses like these make me realize that aiming to match Hollywood standards is a far cry. Even I myself can’t figure out what I hated the most about this dress. Was it the garland style flowers hanging on one side? Or was it the non- flattering bulk giving halter neck cowls? Whatever the reason maybe, its dresses like these which give fashion a tacky name. Thank god, nobody knows the designer of this dress else I would have declared a fashion fatwa on him or her. Ms Godse, let’s call this look your yellow card.



This Naseem Khan outfit turned out to be a blunder for her. I don’t know if this so- called black gown was a Red Carpet appropriate….she seemed possessed by the spirit of cat woman. Although, it would have fared better at a premiere. Moreover the lip colour was meh. It is a classic example of a right dress for a wrong event. And there is no bigger faux pas than that. The sad part is, Deepika was on such a hot style streak with her earlier award looks, that she disappointed her fans with this out of the box avatar.index

Whether you agree with my selection or not, there is no denying fact that these actresses went wrong in a certain way due to which they have been labelled as 2013 Bollywood awards.


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