It seems that practically everyone is entering TV production, with the latest addition being that of Facebook.

Yup, the social media giant, is planning on making their TV series with a pretty impressive budget of $3 million dollars per episode. This budget firmly puts them in the upscale sector of television production, at least in the United States.

As said by executives of Facebook, they will soon be venturing into high-quality gaming shows and television series production that will be released on their platform.

Facebook will be collaborating with a group of partners to create these shows and plans to roll out the first couple of episodes to their series by summer end.

But while Facebook might be the first social media platform to go into this sector, already a big number of companies are slowly becoming more and more ingrained in television series making.

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Popular organizations like Amazon, Hulu and of course Netflix have been producing and releasing their original series for some time now.

Netflix especially has acquired a huge amount of praise both critical and commercial for its edgy, offbeat and unique content shows.

Even YouTube and Apple have made their foray into this space, although not on as big a scale as the above mentioned.

Even in India, Hotstar, Voot and are churning out their own original TV series with surprisingly good content and storylines.

But Why Is Everyone Gung-ho About Going Into TV Production?

Cinema for a long time has always had the upper hand over TV shows. Bollywood and Hollywood have both held their head up proud due to the obvious senior level they have held, while television was more like their cousin who will always stay in their shadow.

But over the past decade or so, give or take a few years, television has turned around to almost have a bigger fan following than cinema.

And with the addition of web series, people are more and more eager to watch their favourite shows rather than a movie.

Apart from the large following that web series and TV shows have at the moment, there is also the point of sponsorships and advertisements.

A lot of these web series and TV shows get their production budget from either sponsors and ads like those on YouTube or like Facebook partner with a media partner.

There is no dearth in either of these sectors, because both sponsors and advertisers understand the mass appeal of this sector and that their brand will reach a much larger number of people.

Films have a short-term appeal, but TV shows have proven to last the test of time and still be as popular as they were 10 years ago.

But perhaps more than anything, it is the audience reaction to good and quality TV series that has prompted a flurry of companies to come forward with their own original content.

The cycle works like this, one company did their original content, people liked it, thus advertisers and sponsor took notice of this once again rising medium, sponsors took notice so other companies too thought of entering this sector which in turn made more people take interest due to the wide variety of content given.

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