Face of Terror: Unrepentant Tunda


 By Purnima Mohindra

A seemingly harmless trick used to set churan on fire by a chran wala triggered a monster in a 10 year old child. The child experimented with crude objects to make deadly bombs. This knowledge coupled with the fact that he was an extraordinary organizer lead him to links with ISI, Al-Qaeda and a number of other terrorist outfits.This man, Abdul Kareem Tunda then began to spread terror in India. He later crossed over to Pakistan and also Bangladesh and ran Madrassas which served to train young men in terrorism. The dreaded underworld don Dawood Ibrahim also contacted him. Tunda is believed to have visited Dawood’s Mansion in Karachi. Tunda’s excellent knowledge of terror roots prompted Dawood to use Tunda to push both men and materials into India. So far Tunda has refrained from giving straight answers to the intelligence agencies but his phone records are being processed and are likely to throw up several clues to his links with innumerable terrorists and his self confessed intimate connections with ISI.  His arrest is being touted as a major catch apart from being involved in many terror attacks, Tunda was also involved in spreading fake currency notes in India. An arrest of such a formidable terrorist should hopefully help the intelligence forces to identify the terror roots of future attacks on innocent people.


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