Eye Spa: A Small Lifestyle Change That Goes A Long Way

The 21st century is all about the rat race. The globalized and informed world has forced every person to adapt to the new age technology & digitization. The incessant exposure to the digital screens has brought in a new disease, digital eyestrain.

As per a global survey by B2X Care Solutions, 57% of Indians said they can not live without their smartphones. And to top it up, 98% Indians sleep with their smartphones and 83% keep it on their body or within reach throughout the day.

This is just the smartphone data, imagine extrapolating the data for tablets, computers, TVs, etc. Each kind of digital screen comes with much strain on the eyes.

Eyestrain is the basic symptom of dry eye syndrome and, in turn, is the cause of poor eyesight. CEO of Essilor estimated that India has lost $37 billion annually due to poor eye vision.

Manage Dry Eyes effectively 

The most important part of the human body requires rest on intervals. And because I can’t ask you to stop keeping pace with the development and go back to no digital world, here are a few ways to relax your eyes and not let the demands of the 21st-century world get on the wrong side of your eyes: –

1. Blinking Breaks

Frequent breaks are a must. Blinking stops the continuous staring at digital screens. Look to your left, look to your right, but don’t look at that screen for some time. Grab a cup of coffee or gossip with the individual sitting next to you in your bay. Even using eye drops for strained eyes can provide frequent breaks.


2. Palm Technique

I remember during school assemblies this used to be my favourite exercise. So easy and yet so effective. Rub your hands, make them warm and place your palms on your eyes. Slowly open eyes. You can repeat 3-4 times or as time permits. Does not require any extra effort on your part. Sitting in that comfortable rotating chair or working on your tablet while on the bed, give your tired eyes a relief.


3. Dust protection

Even dry and dusty climate can increase problems for the eye. As a rule, make sure to keep them covered while travelling in open. Those fashionable goggles are not just to show off the variety you have but to protect your vision. Use those shades.


4. Pamper your eyes

Just like you pay huge amounts to pamper yourself at the Spa, spare a little for pampering your eyes. Using eye lubricants like Eye Spa for tired eye relief, moisturizes those reddened dry eyes and cools them. Eye Spa is positioned as a lifestyle product, similar to a hand sanitizer, where taking frequent breaks to refresh your eyes with two drops of Eye Spa will help you tackle dry eye syndrome.

strained eye relief - eye spa

Reading this are you wondering that your lifestyle has made you a patient of this dry eye syndrome already or not? Take this eyestrain test. Moreover, start practising these relieving techniques for your eyes.

With the digital world experiencing changes at an exponential rate, eyes will become more and more prone to the dry eye syndrome. Let’™s give them the rest they require to be able to see the beautiful world.


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