An extremely common way of writing hindi songs!!

If you go through the following list of songs you’ll see that almost all the lyricist at various times have followed a method. The method of repeating the first word immediately to give the song a kind of melody and rhythm. This has worked very well with the audience and is thus still being used.  Listen to these wonderfully composed songs and enjoy yourself.

1)Bumbro Bumbro


2)Nimbooda Nimbooda


3) Piya Piya O Piya Piya


4)Yamma Yamma


5)Mayya Mayya


6)Chaiyya Chaiyya


7) Chunari Chunari


8)Humma Humma


9)Urvashee Urvasee


10)Sharara Sharara


11) Zara Zara


12)Soldier Soldier


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