The exam season is here and so are exam preparation holidays. That time of the year when all college students relate to every damn meme on the internet. 

exam preparation 1
Winter is here!

That time when the air is full of procrastination and existential crisis. Well, at least for me! Lol.

So, this exam season I thought of writing about different types of students during exam prep holidays. Now, everyone has their own way of dealing with stress and exams.

It is difficult to list every type so I came up with 5 major categories that at least 80% of people will be able to relate to. Here it goes:

1. The Procrastinator
All those pros out there, wave your hand!

This category is that species of students who want to study but procrastinate away all the time. They will start cleaning their room or arranging their drawers to avoid those books.

They promise themselves that they’ll start studying and end up watching another 3 hour movie or exploring another youtube channel.

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2. The ‘I got my shit together’ Student

These are the people with clean time tables and illustrative notes. They know how to manage their time and how to follow the deadlines that they make for themselves!

Who are we? Time Managers. What do we do? Follow Schedule!

They’re also your go-to people before exams because they love to help everyone on the planet with their knowledge.

3. The ‘2 revisions over’ Annoyer

These are the most annoying of the lot. They’ll study everything before time. Do 10 thousand revisions and annoy others by calling/texting to know what’s up!

And oh, never ask them if they’ve started studying because they’ll reply with a no in reflex! Never ask them for help either because they don’t believe in sharing their precious “ratafied” knowledge.

4. The ‘I don’t give a shit’ Dude

These are the real legends. They take an oath to not study at all. And they stand by their oath.

They’re also the ones with ‘a single sheet of paper cannot decide my future’ or ‘study is for the weak’ as their status on social media!

Salute the legends!
5. The ‘off social media’ Kid

This is one special category of people during exams. I really don’t know how they survive. Cometh exams and poof they go off social media. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Insta.. you’ll find them nowhere.

Snape is clearly not impressed, guys!

So, you don’t really get to know about their schedule. ANNDD don’t try asking them why they went off, they’ll dodge.

Tadaa, this sums up people during exam preparation holidays for me!

You think we missed out on a category? Hit us up in the comments below!

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