Everyone’s Got Some Baggage

Emotional_baggage_carouselEverybody comes with a baggage. One hears this statement quite often but only rarely does the reality of it hit you with full force. How easy is it to just let your past be your past and not let it affect your present?

How many of us can swear off the lessons learned and attempt to write a new book all over again? How many of us have had the guts to accept the possibility of love soon after a recent heartbreak? How many of us have had the courage to place our trust in new people after being ditched by a friend? How easy is it to guard your ‘right’ over someone when you don’t even know whether you should be having that right or not? How easy is it to open up to someone when you know that you might just be putting yourself in a vulnerable place all over again? How easy is it to keep your decisions “naturally you”, free of any external manipulations, intensive calculations and devoid of any list of pros and cons, just like when we were kids, when it comes to choosing friends? How easy is to leave the burden of your past failures back home when starting a new venture? How easy is it to be spontaneous nowadays, in a make-believe world? How ready are we to try something once more all over again, hoping with all our heart, that this time, the result would be somewhat different?

ertuyProbably, not really up for it. I can safely assume this because as we grow up, out inhibitions grow with us. It’s difficult to accept that the word ideal is utopia, you don’t get the ideal friend, the ideal life partner, the ideal job, the ideal life.

There are very few people who get it right the very first time. Dream successes, instant recognitions, ideal work-life balance, BFFs, high school romances continuing all the way to a marriage and beyond, well, let’s just say if you have it, you are damn lucky. It is statistically proven that in matters of the heart, you tend to get it wrong atleast 7 times before finally getting it right. So, for others who still are searching for the right mix, Ted Mosby rightly put it as “You see, everyone’s got some baggage, it’s a part of life, but like anything else, it’s easier when somebody gives you a hand with it.”

Learn to LET GO! and give your present a chance..


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