Essential Gear You Should Always Keep In Your Car

The thing about emergencies is that they only ever happen when we least expect them. And, when it comes to driving any vehicle, your situation can change in a split second. Accidents and breakdowns can be hard to stop, but in most cases, it’s how well prepared you are that can change the outcome.

So, if you are currently driving around in an empty, tidy car, maybe you should think about filling it up.

Here are some essential pieces of kit you should always have to hand in the event of a car emergency.



First aid kit

First aid kits are a must for any car. And, the worrying thing is that many car owners just don’t bother investing in them. And, even those that do tend to leave them lying there for years on end without replacing out of date items. The advantages are obvious – they could save someone’s life. So make sure that you invest in a good first aid kit for your car, and keep tabs on expiration dates.

A torch

Torches aren’t just handy for when you break down at night. They can also help you spot breakdown causes under the hood and beneath the car in broad daylight. Plus, they are great for attracting attention when you are out in the wilderness, alone, and waiting for help. Get one – it will get you out of many sticky situations.

Jump cables

All cars should have jump cables for those moments when your battery is out of juice. A lot of cars carry them, of course, but you can’t rely on other people to bail you out if your battery is dead. Plus, of course, you might end up being someone’s savior one day.



Spare tyre

Spare tyres are essential for obvious reasons. Most cars come with them, of course, but if you ever use yours, make sure you replace it. It’s far cheaper to buy your own and replace a flat with a jack than call someone out to do the job.

Tyre inflator

While we are on the subject of tires, make sure that you have the best tire inflator with gauge possible, so that you can pump them up if you need to. Spare tires will leak air, and they are often flat or underinflated when you fit them. And, if you have a slow puncture, one of these self-inflation devices will help you travel a little further to get closer to a garage or mechanic if needs be.


It can get a little chilly at night time. And, if you break down in a remote location, it might be a while before you get any help. A blanket or two will help keep you and your family warm while you wait on the roadside for assistance.

Food and drink

While the likelihood of stranding yourself in a remote location for over a few hours is slim, it still happens. So, finally, make sure that you are carrying some food and, especially, water. It won’t take long for dehydration to kick in, and things could get uncomfortable quickly without food and liquid.


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