The Finance and Investment Cell at Shri Ram College of Commerce kickstarted the new year to mark ten years of its inception by the extravagant introduction of Episteme ‘19. The fest season welcomes the student body throughout the Delhi University for seven spine chilling, fun-fueled events.

While Moneypulate offers a financial labyrinth jeweled with securities and stocks, allowing participants to hone their currency crunching skills, Bankronicals answers the question “what if I were a bank?” and guides the participants through an unconventional financial world defining the roots of a banking economy.

Star(t) Wars tests the participants’ analytical skills and their ability to thrive in the burgeoning startup wave. What do you do to save in times of war? Vitt Vendetta helps you answer this question while keeping you on your toes throughout.

The love for Cricket unites the country with equal acceptance. When coupled with the thrill associated with financial markets, this love gets multiplied to unparalleled levels. And that’s exactly what Wrong’Un plans to achieve.

There’s a gambler in all of us, we just need things worth gambling for. Bet or Debt introduces an unconventional betting arena like no other and prepares you for a roller coaster of adrenaline rush that fails to go any less steep.

The final call was for the show stopper- Menace at Metropolis. The flagship event plans to continue its legacy to shun participants and leave no stone unturned in order to close the event at unprecedented heights.

Episteme ‘19 hopes to satiate all your financial quests and welcomes its doors to one and all. To quote the late Albus Dumbledore, “FIC will always be there to welcome you home.”

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