EIC Outrage: East India Comedy’s Latest Venture Is Sensible Humour That Makes You Think


Rightly named Outrage, East India Comedy has come up with another series EIC Outrage.

Videos, stand up comedies and their unique system of Annual Ghanta Awards organised by East India Comedy have been spectacular. What is most interesting is that they do satire on social issues, focusing on what should be noticed and how attention of masses is diverted highlighting the mediocrity of politics and media through their videos.

By the time, there was meat ban, almost all the stand-up comedians of our country had run out of jokes but then they came up with a creative video on how the logic behind banning work.

Now, EIC has come up with EIC Outrage series which showcases important issues which sadly does not get the glitz and blitz in media since they have no market.

They are not a joke, but a political statement impartial and objective, holding a mirror towards Indian masses.


How can satire and comic be differentiated? Though we laugh at both satire and comic, satire unlike comic, makes us think. And we come to know that we have been laughing at ourselves and they have just thrown the truth regarding ourselves through satires.

This is exactly what EIC does in Outrage.


They have highlighted how Bihar elections have become a Game of Thrones thriller episode while it is taken for granted that people vote for notes and castes.

Homicide cases have become a spicy topic for gossip and news channels have literally sunk to the level of yellow journalism in their unending lust for sensation which was pretty obvious in the never ending discussion of Indrani Mukherjea trial and puffed up sensation.

Not to mention our colleges run by sexist misogynist sanskari money making managements which have separate rules for girls and boys.

There is a scattered but nationwide protest going on against different hostel rules for girls and boys but media is too busy to give them some attention. This was highlighted by EIC Outrage with Sri Sairam College for Engineering’s written list of rules exclusive to girl students.

An issue conveniently ignored is the case of expats working as labourers in gulf countries. In spite of the ill treatment of expats especially in Saudi Arabia, our nation has not paid enough attention to the case though every other week we have women working as maids sharing the inhuman treatment they receive from the hands of their employers.

EIC Outrage did a fantastic episode pointing out news that has often skipped public attention though we are a country which sends expats to gulf countries.

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EIC are few groups who uphold a certain standard for their comedy rather than merely jumping into the bandwagon. They make videos which are not just old Santa Banta jokes flavoured with beep sounds, but a serious minded satire focusing on the forgotten.

Do watch EIC Outrage guys.

It is worth you 10 minutes.

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