ED’s High Heels Campaign Part 3: Mr. Gay Sushant Divgikar’s take on MEN Wearing High Heels

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As part of our High Heels Campaign we had a short chat with Sushant Divgikar, Mr. Gay India, about his take on MEN wearing Heels! Here goes: 

Q. Do you wear heels?
A. I don’t wear heels every day, I wear it if the show I’m doing requires me to or if I am performing as a drag queen.

Q. What’s your take on men wearing heels?
A. I think it’s fabulous that anyone, male or female wears heels. History says heels were first invented for men to look more masculine. I guess it’s all about what stereotypes a certain society and its people unnecessarily adhere to and hold them to discriminate against people.


Q. What do you think about women wearing uncomfortable high heels for long durations and the health issues involved with them?
A. I think you should wear heels if you feel like. But if they cause discomfort you should go in for a pair which look stylish and are also comfortable at the same time.


So that was Sushant giving us his ideas around heels and men and women.

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